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The Evidence of The Vile Writings Shall Convict Them

We have seen this before: I have heard this before. “Oh, goodie!  I’m going to court.  Court is a place where I get to air all grievances.  There will be grand opportunities to present evidence of the malfeasance of others. … Continue reading

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This Is How They Measure Temperature For Global Warming Stats

Thanks to Watts Up With That? That red thing with the hose and the exhaust stack is a space heater for the tent. Note the Stevenson Screen to the right and the automated weather station to the left. Note also … Continue reading

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The Individual Who Can’t Keep the Contents of His BMs Secret Has Been In a Conspiracy With John Hoge

From Bill Schmalfeldt’s Blog: (Safe link to The Wayback Machine) And all this time, Bill Schmalfeldt has kept this dirty secret: That for a time, HE was Krendler.  Then he eventually wasn’t.  And John Hoge orchestrated the ruse.  Oooooh!  I … Continue reading

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Italian Soul Food

Pizza places always stint on the filling. Not Ho-Made™. Hey!  Busy eating here!

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Why Didn’t My High School Cancel Algebra?

Yoga classes have been cancelled at the University of Ottawa because of concerns over cultural appropriation. From the Ottawa Sun: Staff at the Centre for Students with Disabilities believe that “while yoga is a really great idea and accessible and … Continue reading

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Rock Lines I Wish I’d Written

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The refugee dilemma

Originally posted on A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion:
Might be less dangerous than one in six, but this is dangerous. I still think this refugee crisis could mean a permanent demographic and cultural change for Europe. ISIS or no, there will be big changes in what we used … Continue reading

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How Not to Look Stupid

From the UK Daily Mail: WHAT ARE THE THREE TYPES OF STUPIDITY? Confident ignorance – This is when what someone things is their ability to do something outweighs their actual ability to do it. This, the research found, was associated … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Reruns

Things you might have missed because you were reading Hogewash or Thinking Man’s Zombie. It Will Never End Dear Mom, they segregated most of the black kids in one area… Joe Biden Talks About Pain of Birth in Confusing Labor … Continue reading

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Science! Proves Botox Causes Naivete

A Dave Alexander & Company Rough Literal Translation of the News From Richochet: One wonders, for example, what French president François Hollande made of Kerry’s comment that the murders of the staff of Charlie Hebdo possessed “a sort of particularized focus and perhaps … Continue reading

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