Wars and Rumors of War

Bill Schmalfeldt might expect that David and I will act as some kind of  “digital Switzerland” — on the sidelines, neutral and making delicious chocolates.  We are not.  As David’s post indicates, if we can offer the good guys help, we will.  We’ll print the truth, and we’ve already figured out who are the “decent fellows.”

By the way, this is not “war.”  Using that word is an insult to those who train, fight and oftentimes are killed in battle.  

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76 Responses to Wars and Rumors of War

  1. lorddewclaw says:

    I appreciate your post. Those of us who have actually been in a warzone and had bullets and mortars and rockets launched in our direction know the difference…

    Now the Lyin’ of Lebanon does too.

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  2. SammyD says:

    I would encourage those that Bill goes after to talk to a lawyer about possible complicity by Cardinal Capital.

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    • onlooker says:

      Their are very, very limited scenarios where that would be the case. Based on his current conduct, loathsome as he may be, the chance of them having any responsibility for his harassment of others who live off premises approaches zero. If he starts hassling people who live or work there, that’s another story.

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  3. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    So the new scooter (hereby known as the JWR Special, or Drunk Tank) is now the vanguard of the Schmalfeldt Mechanized Infantry.

    I think he’s actually taken to wearing a Napoleon outfit while he’s at the computer. One with his name sewn onto it. I hope he’s better prepared for the brutal Wisconsin winter than the voice in his head was.

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  4. Tao says:

    The term “Police Action” rather than “War” or “Thermonuclear Lawfare” comes to mind. As some of you know, any LULZSUIT is already terminally compromised. Criminality? You betcha! Comrade Barnacle Bill is gonna need more than his puny little scooter to help him flee the field of battle!


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  5. Didn’t Andrew Breitbart embrace the use of the hashtag #WAR? And with all this talk of my alleged criminality (without mentioning any specific crime of which I have been charged, let alone convicted) and calling me a cock gobbler and a drunk, both of which are blatant lies, are you really sure, Dave, who the “good guys” are?

    All I can say is, help wherever you like. That’s your right. But if you mean to assist in the further smearing of my late wife’s good name, and the continued harassment of the good people who manage this fine apartment complex, there will be a price to be paid.

    Here are the sides involved in this kerfuffle.

    There’s me, wishing to live whatever time God grants me in peace and quiet.

    Then, there’s “Krendler” who is suddenly strangely silent after admitting he smears my wife in honor of Collette Stranahan. There’s Scott Hinckley who falsified evidence to gain a restraining order while he continues to harass the nice little nuns who own the joint, and there’s the certifiable nut Eric Johnson who sent TWO MORE harassing emails to the nice little nuns over the weekend.

    If everybody would just drop their weapons and find something else to obsess over, this would be a happier world for all. But as long as the Terrible Trio are determined to continue in their efforts to smear my late wife and to lie about me being a gun owner with an explosive temper in their attempt to harass people who have already DECIDED THEY ARE ON MY SIDE AND HAVE MY BACK?

    Well? All I can say is be very, very careful so you are not sucked into the vortex of crazy that you have decided are “The Good Guys.” People who harass nuns to get someone thrown out of his home are NOT “Good Guys.” People who call the recently deceased wife of a man who loved her with all his heart a “cheese encrusted c-word” are NOT “Good Guys.”

    It hasn’t started yet. But once it does, there’s no stopping it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.


  6. SammyD says:

    “It hasn’t started yet. But once it does, there’s no stopping it.”

    Unfortunately, for you, this is true. I don’t think you’re going to like how this all ends.

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  7. wjjhoge says:

    Murum aries attigit.

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  8. Mr. Hoge is correct. Except he’s not clear on which ram or which wall. And having done nothing to place myself in any legal jeopardy, I’ll just put this most recent harbinger of doom with all the others. How many times has Hoge had me behind bars now?


  9. agiledog says:

    So now I am suppose to have falsified evidence to obtain the Harassment Prevention Order? How would he know? He wasn’t there. He has not seen the evidence I submitted to the court. I hope he sues me and claims that – submitting false evidence to a court would be a crime, and he would then be on record of falsely accusing me of a crime (not the first time, either. He tried to report me to the police for criminal stalking without providing a shred of evidence. And since the MA law for criminal stalking requires following and personal presence, it was obviously a lie – again).

    And I have never contacted the nuns. Never. I hope he lies about that in a court filing as well.

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  10. Certainly, Dave, you can see the irony here. I dropped my lawsuit and relocated halfway across the continent to start all over again. But “The Good Guys” just couldn’t have that. First, “Good Guy” Krendler searched photos I posted on my blog for clues, figuring out that I was living in a retirement facility that used to be a nunnery, and he magnified the picture I posted of my new front door to get the apartment number. Then he shared the info with his readership along with an overhead aerial of the facility, Then, and I don’t even remember what the exchange with Hinckley was about, but I apparently sent him eleventeen billionty e-mails that so FRIGHTENED him that he HAD to get a protection order, knowing full well that I present no danger to him, being unable to drive a car and living 1,100 miles away from him. It’s not like he didn’t know I would not be able to attend the hearing or anything, And then we have Eric Johnson who has probably convinced himself that I really am a criminal with children chained in the closet,

    All this stalking and tracking and lying to find me after I moved for no other reason than to continue the harassment and call ME a stalker.

    I do appreciate your allowing your students to post here, however

    Take care, and thanks again for the opportunity to shine a little truth on the subject.


    • I am not allowed to address Mr. Hinckley since he is so deathly afraid of me. However, writing a letter to the President of the Board to tell him of my nameless evil is the same thing as harassing the nuns. Who do you think the board prez called to ask about me? Who vouched for me and the fact they did a thorough background check and that I explained the restraining orders to their satisfaction, which didn’t stop them from checking Hogewash and BillySez abd TMZ and even THIS blog to get the temperature of the water from which all false allegations flow? The manager had a cup of coffee with me this morning and told me in 20 years of apartment management she has never seen such mindless hatred coalesced around making the life of one person — a person she has known since late August where NONE of you have ever laid eyes on me and only know what you’ve been told by people taking part of a tweet here or part of a blog post there and using that to create the pretend monster that scares you so.

      All along I have been advocating the “drop your swords and walk away” solution. But it seems I am the only one who thinks that’s a good idea.

      Am I just going to sit here and take everyone’s abuse with a good-natured wink and smile? You have no idea what I have planned for those who insist on continuing their harassment of me, their stalking of me, their smearing of the name of the single most decent person it has ever been my honor to know, let alone love and be married to for 25 years.

      I have done nothing yet. When I do, if I do, it will be legal, public, up front and honest, and devastating.

      There is still time, if there is any wisdom in your numbers, to drop the swords and walk away. That goes for everybody, I would be happy if Hoge stopped writing about me altogether for I have not — to this moment — done anything that merits his scornful attention. Same with Krendler, Hinckley, Johnson, Sarah, ALL of you. Find something positive to focus on. Go with that. I promise in return I will never bother a single one of you,

      If you insist on persisting? You’ve been advised. Before, I had Gail to pull me back. She’s gone,

      Please. For the sake of peace. Drop the swords. Walk away.

      Thank you.


      • MJ says:

        You might be able to sweet talk a nun into believing your lies. A judge might not be so easily convinced. And lets not forget, those same nuns may have to vouch for you in court. It would interesting to see what happens when you are asked to explain yourself in court.

        Let’s hope the Ram has mercy on you.

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      • Pablo says:

        NONE of you have ever laid eyes on me and only know what you’ve been told by people taking part of a tweet here or part of a blog post there and using that to create the pretend monster that scares you so.

        For the billionth time, Blob, we know all about you from you. You are the World’s Greatest Oversharer. We’ve all seen your act over and over and over again and it’s gross.

        All along I have been advocating the “drop your swords and walk away” solution. But it seems I am the only one who thinks that’s a good idea.

        Clearly, you don’t think that because if you did, you’d do it.

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      • Ashterah says:

        Here’s the problem with your “offer” Bill. You’ve given that offer many, many times. But you never, ever follow through on it. So, how about YOU go first. Then I will believe. Until then, nope.

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      • Monkeytoe says:

        I have a suggestion for both sides.

        Rather than either side demand that the other side unconditionally walk away, both sides pick a date and time – say, for example, tomorrow at noon eastern – and both sides agree to stop posting about, commenting about, blogging about, or tweeting about anyone on the other side (this would include not doxing, not contacting employers, landlords, law enforcement, etc about anyone involved).

        Allow that truce to last as long as both sides stick to it. So, if Schmalfeldt stops commenting completely about Hoge, Agiledog, Krendler, etc., they, in turn, stop commenting about the other.

        There would be no harm in giving it a shot. It would only last as long as both sides adhered to the truce.


      • Paul Krendler says:


        That offer, slightly modified, was on the table for nearly a year, and DUMBFUCK chose not to take it. DUMBFUCK himself had that state of affairs IN HAND in August 2014 and could not abide by it.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Not in this lifetime.

        In short, not just NO.

        HELL NO.

        Murum aries attigit.

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      • This Other Latin F*cker says:

        MonkeyToe, that’s been tried more then a few times. No mention to Bill. No mentions about Bill. Zero, Nada. But within a week he is back harassing people. He’s been given chance after chance. I can count at least 3 times that the “horde” has sworn to leave him alone and in every case HE has been the one to start attacking people again. Most times within a week. So Bill can just deal with what comes his way. He’s only reaping what he sows.

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      • Monkeytoe says:

        ————–“But within a week he is back harassing people. He’s been given chance after chance. I can count at least 3 times that the “horde” has sworn to leave him alone and in every case HE has been the one to start attacking people again. Most times within a week. So Bill can just deal with what comes his way. He’s only reaping what he sows.”

        This tends to prove something I commented on a while ago. I think these sites and the conflict give Schmalfeldt’s life meaning. So, in a weird way, the various anti-Schmalfeldt sites and blogs are actually doing him a favor by giving him purpose.


      • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

        As so many have observed, we’re all he has.

        Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.

        (Ken White, “True Threats, True Incitement, Or Truly Crazy? The Rhetoric of Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.” Popehat, 6 August 2013.)


      • agiledog says:

        No Quarter. No Mercy.

        Bill Schmalfeldt terrorized my wife with his unsolicited email, and the grotesque picture of his dying wife he included. He threatened to take her business away from her. He threatened to ruin her business. He called our house during dinner and left a message about calling the police. He has insulted her, and posted pictures of her (us) on his (since deleted) blog and twitter timeline. She has never commented about him. She did not know he existed until he set his sights on her. Tell me how I can just say “Nevermind.” and walk away from this threat called Bill Schmalfeldt. He is a threat to me, my wife, our happiness, and peace of mind.

        No Quarter. No Mercy.

        #WAR – indeed.

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      Question – Why was it ok for you to post pictures and the address to the Stranahan house right after your friend posted that someone should go there and rape his wife while he was gone? As I recall, you defended it by saying you only posted pictures that were available on the Internet. All Krendler did was post pictures already available on the Internet. The big difference being he didn’t do it after someone called for you to be raped. So having your own tactics used against you is now a crime? Or are you conceding that you also committed a crime? Or, as usual for you, are you declaring there are two different sets of rules, one for you and one for people you don’t like? Interesting predicament you have there.

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    • Dianna says:

      You oversharing, lying, stupid sack of anally-focused rage, no one had to “scour” anything!

      You idiot. You simpleton. You cretin.

      You cannot – simply cannot believe what you’re saying. You put every single piece of information out there, oversharing with an uncaring world, and then you have the unmitigated gall to call anyone a stalker?

      Hell, we had people on TMZ, on Billysez, and here, explaining to you that your incessant oversharing was unsafe!

      Get this through your thick head: we don’t like you and we were advising you not to share where you lived and that you had received some money!

      Go away. Stop drinking, because I think you do, not just because of the JWR bottle in one picture, but because of your behavior. Stop tweeting, blogging and pod-casting. Stop shouting at the walls. Go join in some actual activities. Put down the freaking keyboard, step away from the freaking monitor, and have an actual life!

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  11. agiledog says:

    It hasn’t started yet. But once it does, there’s no stopping it.

    I believe a number of people will remind him of that comment when the countersuits are being pursued and his suit is dismissed for false statements.

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    • Again, because I evoke such terror in his soul that a restraining order was necessary to protect his velvety skin, I am not allowed to directly reply to Mr. Hinckley’s irrational blabbering. But wouldn’t I have to, in fact, MAKE false statements first? And the interesting thing is, Mr. Hinckley will not be the decider of the facts should he foolishly continue to brandish his tiny, ineffectual little sword like that.


      • Paul Krendler says:


        The rules say it has to use the exact phrase “And who is a judge going to believe” before we drink a shot of whiskey.

        No joy.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      …there’s no stopping it, unless I run away like a sissy and hide behind my pathetic nature that I do nothing to improve.

      Dear GOD in Heaven, please tell me Bobber was the finished product and you forgot to delete the draft.

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  12. Paul Krendler says:

    Yes, certainly, Dave, you can see the irony here. Let me help by further highlighting it so it’s easy for EVERYONE to see, even a lying DUMBFUCK:

    “Certainly, Dave, it’s easy to see the irony here. I dropped my lawsuit and relocated halfway across the continent to start all over again.”

    And having started all over again, here it is, back on the verge of making all the same stupid mistakes, and all for my LULZ.


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    • Ashterah says:

      Within the space of THREE MONTHS. Sweet mother of God. I was happy to get a break from him. Then he had to go and ramp things back up to eleventy and hasn’t left there since. SMH

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  13. So, I started it all over again by forcing you to drink a magic potion that made you, against your will, stalk down my new location and publish it so you could continue amusing the Mongoloid Hordes with your oh-so-very-merry-and-witty harassment? Is that what I did?


  14. If it’s fun you want, “Krendler,” it’s “fun” we shall have.


  15. MJ, I am perfectly comfortable explaining, or at least trying to explain, why people I have never caused a moment’s harm IRL are so dedicated to harming me.


    • Minemyown says:

      What did the nun think of this?

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    • MJ says:

      Except for the fact you caused harm to Scott Hinkley’s life by contacting his wife who knew nothing about you. You sued Patrick Grady claiming he was Paul Krendler with no proof. And as for Eric Johnson, you called his place of employment and the police on him, or at least claimed to because of an internet spat.

      So, again, you want to amend your “”never caused a moments harm IRL” statement or can we just go ahead and agree you just lied to the nuns?

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      • This Other Latin F*cker says:

        Don’t forget he called the cops, child protective services, and more on Lee to harass him. When Lee fought back Bill claimed to be the victim. Bill is always the victim. The Cry Bully.

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      • Jeanette Victoria says:

        Now he is harassing an innocent party’s elderly parents. And he also contacted my local sheriffs about me. He DRAGGED me into this.

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    • Dianna says:

      You threatened me.

      If you think I’m ever going to forget that, you may just need some mental health counseling.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Quick question to the Horde, who is trying to harm Bill? Stop, stop it now. Obviously if you are only taking appropriate measures to keep a deranged lunatic from harassing you, your families or businesses, well duh keep up the good work.


  16. tillycroaks says:

    Same song, different verse. Poor Bill, just going about his business, doing nothing wrong. A victim of obsessive RWNJs who just won’t leave the pitiful fella alone to dox, harass, attempt to intimidate, forge evidence against, repeatedly email and contact people who aren’t contacting him. It’s his constitutional right, ya know.

    Who are we to interfere with his pursuit of happiness, regardless of his evil intent? It’s his happiness, not yours! Who are we to judge based on- in my case -three years observation of his malignant presence on the net?

    Bill, you seem to forget-or would like to anyhow- all the truly sick and twisted things you’ve done and said over the years. Why just this past month, you got caught forging an email in a clumsy attempt to frame your latest fail-dox. But no, laws no, you haven’t done a thing anyone should object to. You’re just a harmless recent widower dying of Stage eleventy-eight Parkinson’s.

    Get this straight, Bill. This all started with you and it’ll all end with you. Just not in the way you think. In the meantime we’ll continue to hold a mirror before your face reflecting back to you all the nasty things you say and do.

    Get used to it, or don’t. Or sue the universe…again. We’ll all be right here to point and laugh when it all implodes in your face….again.

    Go #TeamGoodGuys!

    Be well.

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  17. Goodnight, Dave. And please always remember how easy it would have been to avoid the total obliteration your friends seem all to willing to bring down on themselves. Truly, they don’t have a clue about what I have in the “armory” and what my “#WAR plan” would be.


    • MJ says:

      Spoken like a preening dumbfuck.

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    • lorddewclaw says:

      Oh good lord, you mewling pussy… your “armory” and “#WAR plan” consist of nothing but your fever dreams of vanquished foes and cowering boy scouts.

      You are nothing but talk. You run your suck 24/7 but forget one thing. You are not a general… not a soldier. You never saw combat. You never had someone trying their damndest to kill you in a warzone. Your non-stop spouting off… acting like your some hardened vet badass is comical. You were a worthless goldbrick sailor who bragged in a blog post about being a no-load goldbrick sailor. You sucked so bad that you had to stoop to stolen valor to add medals to your piddly 1 row, 2 medal testament to your suck-a-tude. Embrace your suck, fatass… you seemed real proud of it in that post.

      You control no one. You scare no one. Take your sorry ass on before you get yourself in a mess that you can’t lie your way out of.

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    • popcornseller says:

      obliteration…armory…#WAR plan


      Can the comedy get any better than this? And it thinks it’s scaring somebody!! I can’t stop laughing…

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  18. Toastrider says:

    I’m fuzzy on this. What stage of the Schmalcycle are we in? Is this ‘I AM THE DESTROYER’ hyper-confident Schmalfeldt?

    Christ, Cabin Boy, if you think you’ve got the goods, just DO it. If you dare.

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  20. There is a word, fallen into disuse, that describes my Cousin to a tee:


    Perfect, is it not?

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  21. agiledog says:

    To: Dave Alexander and/or David Edgren

    Please consider this an official “document hold” notification as regards to this comment:


    In this comment, Bill Schmalfeldt states as fact that I committed the crime of falsifying evidence in a court proceeding. As I declare that this statement is false, was knowingly false, and made with the malicious intent to damage my reputation in the eyes of your readers and the Internet community, it will be the basis of one of the defamation claims in my countersuit of his soon-to-be-filed lawsuit. Please exercise all due diligence in preserving this comment and all information pertaining to it (and the person who made it) that is recorded by your blogging software, your web server, and any operating system network traffic logs. Your cooperation in accordance with the law is appreciated.

    Agiledog: Bill knows all about our “non-delete policy.” — Dave

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  23. theman9876 says:

    Sshhhhhhhhh…….. Don’t ruin the surprise !!

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  24. popcornseller says:

    D & D: The title of this post was perfect.

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  25. Kyle Kiernan says:

    “drop your swords and walk away” is not a solution. It is a recipe for a knife in the chitlins via the kidneys.
    “keep your swords en garde and back away carefully” would be a better idea.
    “close and finish, then head off to the revels” would be even better.

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