Rien à voir ici – Nothing to See Here


“PARIS — The French government is using the sweeping emergency powers it gained after the Paris terrorist attacks to clamp down on any possible disruption to the two-week global climate conference that starts on Monday, limiting public demonstrations, beefing up security and placing two dozen environmental activists under house arrest.”

This was apparently from The New York Times.

From Eatgrueldog:

You didn’t think that all those new laws were for terrorism did you?

Just wait until it comes here


This is shutuppery.  I’m sure there’s a Frence French word for it, or there will be one soon.  France is hosting a summit of world leaders and President Barack Obama, so they need to have some security.  Where do we draw the line?

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1 Response to Rien à voir ici – Nothing to See Here

  1. I like ‘frence’ fries.

    Seriously, it sounds like France has what the Left claimed the Patriot Act was, right up until they were in charge, and immediately started stretching it.


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