As a Retired Lawyer…

…one of the small pleasures I have in life is using the knowledge and skills I have acquired over a lifetime of professional education, training and practical experience to help friends who are dealing with legal issues of one kind or another.  I do this, of course, in careful contemplation of Alaska Bar Rule 63 which defines what the “unauthorized practice of law” is and Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5 which applies Bar Rule 63 to members of the state’s bar.  Most of my compliance with the two rules is easy- I don’t hold myself out to the public as a practicing attorney, don’t have an office, don’t charge fees of any sort, don’t appear for anyone in a court or other adjudicative forum, and don’t prepare and file pleadings on anyone else’s behalf.  While some might complain that I would freely offer my opinion about legal matters to anyone who will listen, it’s my opinion that the rules don’t regulate such conduct, as it is beyond their scope and would in any event directly conflict with my right of free speech under the First Amendment.  I am also free to do whatever legal research I feel like I have the time, energy and competence to undertake and provide the results of that research in whatever form I choose to others, again as my opinion as to what I believe the results to be.  As I consider myself to be reasonably skilled at legal drafting, I am happy to look documents over for my friends and give my opinion as to things that might be changed or which might be presented or argued differently.  Anyone who would carp about my doing these things should note that, in doing so, I’m not providing legal advice or assistance.  I’m just an old guy with time on my hands and a particular set of skills that I hate to see rust away from disuse.

And I hate to see injustice done.  And especially done to my friends.

No Peace without Justice Tattoo


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  1. Hi there, Mr. Edgren.
    Injustice? Sounds as if you have already decided the merits of the case with no evidence. I certainly have no objections to your offering advice. But I expect the defendants to draft their own briefs. If a retired attorney drafts their briefs for them, I believe I can argue that he is providing legal services in an area outside his jurisdiction. I would and will ask each defendant if they drafted their own briefs, and would expect an honest reply, under oath.

    If I am a nation at war with another nation, and I learn that a third nation is providing the enemy with assistance, without which the enemy could not conduct war, what would my responsibility be as commander in chief?

    Since it seems you have already determined that daily libelous comments from Krendler = Justice;
    The posting of obscenities regarding my late wife – Justice:
    Eric Johnson’s devoted efforts to smear me as a child pornographer = Justice:
    Scott Hinkley and Eric Johnson’s efforts to get me kicked out of my apartment = Justice:
    Therefore any effort to bring this behavior to a close = INJUSTICE;

    I would take that as you seeming to take a belligerent stance against my interests of living in peace and quiet. I hope I am mistaken.

    My best advice to you, sir, is that you will be best served to keep your powder dry and your head down. I am not at #WAR with you, but with the people who have tried to ruin my life since I moved to Wisconsin.


    • Neal N. Bob says:

      Hey, didn’t you threaten to doxx Mr. Edgren just two weeks ago, William? You have very creative ideas about when hostilities begin and end. Of course, scotch and stupidity have been known to do that. .

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      • #smh Exactly. And who the rules/laws apply to and don’t.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Don’t get me wrong, if DUMBFUCK wants to invade Poland again and expects it to end differently, far be it from me to trying to dissuade him. In fact, watching him do it always gives me a life-threatening case of the giggles and months of entertainment.

        The first day of a Lulzsuit is like Christmas morning for me. It releases my inner child, joyous with the prospect that it will further preserve its author’s drunken paranoia, hallucinatory legal theories and comic misspellings on the federal record for as long as the republic stands.I dream that future legal scholars will come across Field Marshal Schmalfeldt’s pleadings and wonder how America survived such vainglorious ignorance at all.

        Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching this DUMBFUCK Clarance Darrow dance before the federal bar and if that’s somehow wrong, I sure as shit don’t want to be right!

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      • Poland? It’s more like Mr. Bill is angling for a land war in Asia. As we noted earlier, …

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    • Ashterah says:

      Sweet fucking hell. You have no reading comprehension skills, do you? Go bang your head against a wall until you gain illumination on what words strung together actually mean you idiot.

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    • It is not very likely that telling people to ‘keep their heads down’ will have the desired effect, Bill. The truth remains, you have upset many people, though you don’t see it that way. Some are upset about your behavior before your move. Others are upset about more recent activities. Some of these folks are people you have hardly noticed, but they are still willing to take sides. And frankly some of these folks just plain hate your guts.

      If you think you’ve been bitten by a hornet, kicking the nest is probably not the best strategy. But, you do what you need to do.

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      • Ashterah says:

        Yeah, telling us to “keep our heads down” tends to make me more inclined to give as much publication to his assininnity as possible. And yes, I can’t spell that word for the life of me. lol

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    • MJ says:

      If you’re going to war, the first thing a Commander-In-Chief would do is ensure he can win. This would include having the best troops with the best training and equipment. You must also have generals who are skilled in the art of warfare. Most importantly, you must have reliable and ample resources.

      When you make references to nations and war, be sure you understand what that means.

      I’m pretty sure this will be your last foray into the legal system. And you may not get an option to surrender.

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  2. Moxie55 says:

    Since Bill Schmalfeldt moved to Wisconsin, he:
    1. Harassed Scott H. to the point that a court issued a restraining order.
    2. Republished material from Hogewash without permission
    3. Harassed Lynn T. and her family
    4. Continued to insult and malign the wives of people he dislikes, such as WJJH and Lee S.
    5. When people discussed these activities, he threatened to sue them.
    This, folks, is the innocent Bill Schmalfeldt, turning over a new leaf. He can contact employers, family members, local law enforcement (just ask Jeanette R., another senior citizen woman that he harassed on line), but no one had better letter his landlord know that what he’s up to in their complex!

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  3. Minemyown says:

    Go talk to an attorney bs.
    My personal advice is for you to delete all of your Google alerts, and just surf the web, and do not go to Hogewash, TMZ, Billie Sez plus no posting. Stop being nasty to people and they will not return it to you in your face in spades.

    be will(no typo)

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  4. SammyD says:

    Wonder who the next person will be that Bill falsely accuses of being Krendler. Anyone taking wagers?

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  5. Gus Bailey says:

    I know. Death threat eleventy.

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  6. D. Edgren says:

    I saw that Mr. Schmalfeldt had commented on this thread and I thus skimmed over what he wrote to make sure that it was not an material violation of the cease-and-desist letter that he recently received from me. If I were in contact with Mr. Schmalfeldt I would recommend that he reread that letter very, very carefully. My post that started this thread referred to him neither directly nor indirectly. It would seem that he is projecting himself onto general statements that I wrote that could be read by a reasonable person to have contemplated any situation where they might apply. I do not want Mr. Schmalfeldt to be in contact with me in any manner, to include stalking and harassing me by leaving comments in threads I start here at Dave’s blog, and I have warned him that I will undertake any and all appropriate actions to make sure both that he will regret any attempt on his part to do so and that he will not continue to do such acts.

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  8. wpdavidd says:

    It seems to me that the person who has done the most to ruin BS’s life–both before and since his move–is [Redacted–don’t educate the monkey].


  9. easein says:

    Bill is building a high-dive over the three foot mark.

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