What Makes This Stuff So Fascinating

To me the most fascinating part of the Bill Schmalfeldt story is the fact that Schmalfeldt is totally, completely convinced that he is the victim.  I really don’t consider that to be plausible, but yet it is true.

We all have internal systems which protect us from our mistakes — otherwise we’d be emotionally crippled by them.  We cut somebody off in traffic, them yell at them because they gave us a one second horn blast instead of the beep-beep which is typically given.

In Bill, this system has run amock.  Take this quote from last night here:


So, according to this, Bill Schmalfeldt’s involvement in “all of this” started with Lee Stranahan sending the cops to his house.  That was the primary, initial moment in which Bill Schmalfeldt became entangled.

From Lee Stranahan.com:

Bill Schmalfeldt: The Stranger Who Harassed My Family

Starting in June 2012, my family and I have been cyberstalked, bullied and harassed by a total stranger; a Maryland man named Bill Schmalfeldt. Among other things, Mr. Schmalfeldt has :bill cartoon

  • Made repeated, direct contact with me and members of my family via email & Twitter, demanding I answer his questions about his ‘investigation’ in me and my family
  • Continued this direct contact after being asked not to ; sometimes directed over 100 messages a day directly at us with questions for his ‘investigation’

The list goes on.  My apologies to the Stranahans for once again posting about these incidents.  The only way to refute the “whopper” is to link the Stranahan’s version.

Now, folks can believe Lee Stranahan or Bill Schmalfeldt.  I get that.  Bill actually seems to believe Bill.


‘The ram has touched the wall.’

But it’s not all about the Stranahans.  It also about the Hoges, the Hinkleys, the Alexanders and other families who have either had to change their online behavior, or who had to get Peace Orders to stop contact, because Bill Schmalfeldt wouldn’t stop.  People who have been threatened with loss of livelihood.  People who have seen their own faces pasted on porn, or their own children’s pictures on websites with unfair accusations about abuse.  He’s accused parents of abusing their children.   He’s tried so many tactics, I’ll bet he has forgotten some of them.

Have People Been Mean to Bill Schmalfeldt?

Oh hell yes.  They plan to continue.

People are like that.  Piss them off and they’ll trash you.  Write disgusting things online, and good folks will want to tell the world that you write disgusting things.  Touch their world, and they’ll touch yours.

I happen to think that if you write books, run websites, record podcasts and spend a lot of your life trying to become famous, you are a public figure.  Bill Schmalfeldt is not really successful at becoming famous, but that’s what he’s shooting for.  That means wearing big boy pants and putting up with criticism

Bill_Schmalfeldt_Kimberlin (1)

This is the worst possible way to get people to leave Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt alone.

They say Karma’s a bitch.  Well, Krendler is Karma’s big brother.  Howard Earl is Karma’s cousin with the John 3:16 prison tat.  Or is that Fr. Paul?  I get confused.  It really looks like Bill is stuck with Krendler, and all of the other folks who he complains about since they are anonymous.

Anonymous = “you can’t find my kids on Facebook.”

Anonymous = “you can’t sue me very easily”

Anonymous = “you can’t call my work to complain about my private writings” 

I am very sure that the shutuppery which Bill Schmalfeldt tried when he sued people will return.  Thin skin, arrogance and lots of  free time make a bad combination.  When the next round of stupid is tossed over the battlements, at least we can count on getting some laughs.  Keep the lulzmuscles limbered up.


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27 Responses to What Makes This Stuff So Fascinating

  1. Boston Bob says:

    One of the things that just is so fascinating about him is that he seem to have no sense of proportion. Even the mildest slight warrants all out nuclear attack. Wasn’t the original sin that Hoge committed being helpful to Stranahan when he came to Maryland to file for a peace order? Didn’t the “I wan’t it all, Doug” line come from him going after someone who liked a comment on Facebook?

    What’s scary is that I’m sure that this tactic has worked for him in the past. I can’t say that he’s ever gotten anyone fired, but I’m sure that people have bent to his will in an effort to avoid that. It must confuse the heck out of him that its not working anymore.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      “What’s scary is that I’m sure that this tactic has worked for him in the past.”

      I’ll bet you that it hasn’t, at least not in the three years that I’ve been paying attention. There are just some dogs that teach themselves to like getting whacked with a newspaper.

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    • It probably worked once on someone who was emotionally compromised that he thought he could get just about anything from if he pushed a little bit. And ever since then, he’s operated under the assumption that he could do it anytime he wanted and that it would work every single time. Because he is the HERO/AVENGING ANGEL of the situation don’tcha know?

      The shock that reverberates through him every single time someone doesn’t bend over and give him everything when he demands it must be very disconcerting. Why else would there be so much cognitive dissonance for him?

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      I’m sure that this tactic has worked for him in the past.

      Never. Objectively. (He’s probably convinced it has.)

      Look at his DD-214.
      Look at his work history.
      Look at him getting a bad review “to be able to retire on disability” from the fed.gov.
      Look at him getting booted from DAILY KOS for being too vile and argumentative.

      There’s a pattern here, and it’s obvious.

      The next DSM might have his picture in it.

      It’s not even just that’s he’s dumb – I know a lot of dumb people who’ve learned how not to keep touching “the hot stove” and have done very well for themselves. But they’re willing to work hard.

      He’s looking for his big break, his one time it DOES work to justify all the times – the many, many, many, many times – it didn’t.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Not to mention the creeper goes after folk like me and Lynn who have been mostly blissfully unaware of Bill Schmalfeldt. Heck I didn’t know he was married, let alone that his wife had past. I never heard of BillySez, UkuleleDave or TMZ until he went after me. He is responsible for the abuse that gets dumped on him. Really the creeper needs to push away from the computer and take up a more productive hobby. Sadly due to his obsessive/compulsiveness and his mental illness that will not prolly happen voluntary.

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    • I hope you know I’m not considering the harassment he has doled out to be trivial. My point in all this is in part to focus the horde on the fact that I think he’s not kidding. He’s inspired, righteous, motivated and convinced. Oh, he’s also wrong.
      That doesn’t make his actions any easier to take, but the individuals involved should try to understand at least what he is thinking. Unless they want to stay in this loop.

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  4. Techno Jinxx says:

    For all his bluster, the think Gail’s Abuser just can’t get thru his thick skull, is he doesn’t have to see/deal with anything anyone has said on various blogs or twitter if he chooses not to.
    None of this is being sent directly to him (his lies to the contrary being just that, lies). If he didn’t seek out butt hurt, he wouldn’t have butt hurt.

    Unfortunately for him, it seems butt hurt is all he has left to get out bed for in the morning (or afternoon depending on how much JWR he had the night before HIC!)

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    • Boston Bob says:

      In the late 90’s, I believe, my name popped up on Something Awful based on some fiction I wrote. The one or two opinions I read were completely off-base, with people thinking things that were completely wrong about me. Worse, they didn’t think I was a good writer. (I’m not, but that’s beside the point)

      I thought about following the thread, perhaps even commenting. Instead, I decided it just wasn’t worth it and clicked off the website. I have no clue how many comments were made, what direction they went in, or what. No one at the site ever contacted me directly, so the matter dropped.

      I wonder if there is a lesson there for anyone?

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  5. I started reading Hogewash well after Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, and I didn’t immediately leap right into commenting. I read enough about Schmally that it became obvious that at least a thin layer of anonymity would be necessary. Even so, my very first comment at Hogewash was critical of Howard over his calls for Schmally to ‘take the cure.’ It didn’t take long to change my mind on that point. I’ve never regretted taking a couple minutes to establish an entirely separate online identity for commenting on Kimberlin-related sites.

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  6. Gustavo Fring says:

    Not only does BS believe he’s the victim, I think he actually begins to believe his own lies.

    I think he actually thinks the letter to Hoge is a forgery, and that the copyright for the “anonymous” book was honestly applied for. He thinks the JWR is for “guests”. He thinks the turdsrfood website tricks people.

    All people engage in a level of self-deception, but this is downright astonishing. I’ve come on the Neal N Bob side of this – the entertainment factor is off the charts.

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  7. JeffM says:

    Willie is a public figure as a matter of law.

    His “oeuvre” will appall the typical jury.

    The Stranahans will make compelling witnesses as will the Hoges, the Hinckleys, the Alexanders, and Lynn Thomas.

    He is open to counterclaims.

    And, foremost, few, if any, of the people he is getting ready to sue have said anything even remotely defamatory about him. Truth is not defamatory. Opinion is not defamatory. Hyperbole is not defamatory. Calling someone a DUMBFUCK is a statement of opinion, not a statement of fact.

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