So Why Are We Still Here?

UPDATE: Bill visited Billysez last night also.  It’s very much worth a visit.  Remember of course that Morgana was the target (NOT victim) of very disgusting comments by Bill, and I was faildoxxed by Bill.  David E. was doxed and sued by Bill.  Hoge…well, there’s a fair amount of history there, too.

Yet all of us, for the time being allow Bill Schmalfeldt a larger audience than he has ever had on his own.  


From a comment left here by Bill Schmalfeldt:

bschmalfeldt53235November 26, 2015 at 9:40 pm
Let me see… you want to move on from this topic, but you keep writing about it. And for once, Mr. Hoge is correct. He’s just wrong about whose wall has been hit by whose ram.You leave me alone, I leave you alone. Try it. See how it works.

(I cut a tiny part of it out, as it didn’t seem to be directed at me, or this blog.)

It was a response to a very important post by David Edgren here.  Good reading.

The first comment from the post was from me, and I stand behind this:

David and I both wanted to move on from this topic — and indeed we had. I’d like to talk/write about silly college kids, shutuppery, environmental foolishness and other fun stuff. On the other hand, I won’t back down.
We really would like to move on, and in some ways we have.  With the exception of two “warnings” to Bill Schmalfeldt, David has kept away from the entire topic.THREAT TO PUBLISH
I’ve only jumped in when there is something newsworthy, say, like Bill Schmalfeldt trying to extort the identity of Krendler from a reader of this blog.  Or when he humorously claimed to be Krendler.  David and I spent a week writing about no one except Brett Kimberlin — and we didn’t even connect Schmalfeldt to Brett.
And when Bill proposes to publish every word which belongs to another writer, then a book turns up with Bill’s distinctive silhouette and Krendler’s writing…yes I’m going to write.
But since hostilities are at a high level, Bill cannot expect me to drop out of this topic.  He’s welcome to come here, read and complain, but even though I have been threatened with lawsuits, I’m still interested in shining the light until all the roaches have skittered away.  
head down
Yes.  There are times that it is best to ones head down.  Sadly, Mr. Schmalfeldt has never learned from his own advice.  
At the same time, I’m still trying to find a word that is the opposite of intimidating.  Perhaps Schmalfeldt.  
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56 Responses to So Why Are We Still Here?

  1. Some cockroaches don’t fear the light!

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  2. Avenger Watcher says:

    Billicus at the source.

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  3. Bill’s problem is a problem of coherency. He runs around in search of his tail and confuses the beejezus out of himself and thinks that he is WINNING! When really what he’s done is score a touchback for the other team.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      55+ years of winning like that. Seems like it might be time to retire, no?

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      • Paul Krendler says:


        Given that particular, peculiar, Charlie-Sheenesque definition of winning, Schmalfeldt is at the top of his game and shows no signs slowing down anytime soon, despite the EXACERBATION! caused by HOOOOOOOOOGE!!! which shaved years – YEARS! – off his life. Add to that the fact that a year ago he was going to SLIP ON AN ICE PATCH AND DIE because HOOOOOOOOGE!!! was forcing him to go to court in January, but now he wants everyone to pack their woolies because it’s cold in Wisconsin…where he ran with tail tucked after getting his fat ass handed to him so bad, he quit.

        But now he’s back in the Monkeydance Groove, so let’s all enjoy it while it lasts.

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  4. Funny how we all talk about the evil that is me without a mention of the evil that is, and the evil of people trying to get me kicked out of my apartment. The “Explanations” so far range from “you put that website there yourself, just like you mailed the horseshit to yourself, the shit scented candle to yourself, the prison uniform to yourself, and you created all the death threats that were e-mailed to you.” For an ideology that stresses personal responsibility, some of you stink at it.

    Dave, you and the other Dave have nothing to worry about from me. But look at that piece of abject, poorly-written, insane fiction from Krendler just above this comment. Look at Hoge’s blog today where he lists all his courtroom victories, including the copyright case which he screwed up beyond recognition and wound up getting $0 of the $620,000 he wanted me to settle for. Those of you still capable of reason need to take a step back and reassess your positions. Yeah, some of you had pictures of your homes posted. Boo hoo hoo. How many of you have at least three blogs dedicated to lying about you, misrepresenting facts, and desecrating the memory of a truly good woman? How can you support that and still think you are somehow better than I am?


    • Paul Krendler says:

      You forgot the letter you wrote to HOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! and claimed was a forgery because the signature looked too much like yours.

      The lies (separate from the things you believe but will NEVER prove) in your comment are too numerous and obvious to point out.

      As far as “the ideology of personal responsibility,” you no doubt have a side-by-side list of posts and Tweets you’ve memory holed versus the ones any of us has? The books you’ve had pulled for copyright issues based on your theft of others’ work?

      I’m only about personal responsibility for things I say and do. As for what I choose to say and do, I’m about being A Mirror To A DUMBFUCK. I guess I should say I USED TO BE. That was when I thought there was a chance at redemption for you.

      But you finally convinced me that you are irredeemably evil. So there’s no point holding back, is there?

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    • Dianna says:

      No one here – and certainly not Krendler! – has anything to do with that site.

      Look among your “friends” for the culprit.

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    • Toastrider says:

      Once again, the wheels on the short bus go round and round.

      But then I am not surprised. This is all you have. This is all you will ever have.

      I stand by my assertions from before: your rage is born of resistance. That people would DARE to respond to your puerile threats with contempt, mockery, and of course ‘BRING IT ON’. And you cannot comprehend how this can happen. You can’t understand how anyone would deny you, would strike back.

      And where does that leave you in this silly little Internet slapfight, Bill? What has it gotten you? This is not some crusade for ‘free speech’; you entered the fray in defense of Brett Kimberlin, convicted domestic terrorist and adjudicated pedophile. Even the EFF and the ACLU might’ve thought twice, yet you jumped in with both feet. Has it earned you the love of your family, the respect of your peers?

      Take stock of your existence, Bill. Is this how you want to spend your last days? Frothing incoherently on the Internet, in defense of the indefensible? Do you feel the gnawing of the void in your gut, when you lie there at night without your wife next to you? The cold fingers up your spine when you consider how little your family wants to do with you?

      Oblivion awaits, Bill.

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      • How do you know what my family does or does not want to have to do with anyone? How have I “defended” Kimberlin? When did he become a “domestic terrorist”? That term legally means someone who causes terror to advance a political goal. Kimberlin is not an “adjudicated pedophile.” Your premise is based entirely on lies. My peers respect me plenty, and I have the love and support of my few remaining family members. I know the truth must be discarded when it contradicts “doctrine,” but I know what’s going on in my life… you, do not!


      • Bill:

        It must suck when you have to get all your facts from wikipedia.

        Rand corporation has a slightly different definition:
        Domestic terrorism involves violence against the civilian population or infrastructure of a nation—often BUT NOT ALWAYS by citizens of that nation and often with the intent to intimidate, coerce, or influence national policy.

        Or we can go with the US Criminal code on the FBI site:
        18 U.S.C. § 2331 defines “international terrorism” and “domestic terrorism” for purposes of Chapter 113B of the Code, entitled “Terrorism”:
        Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

        Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
        Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

        Look closely at (iii) – That when he become a “domestic terrorist”. When he placed bombs to try an alter an inviestigation into a murder he was suspected of involvement in, where the reason was his alleged pedophilia.

        As for “adjudicated pedophile”, wasn’t that the decision of the court. he sued people for calling him that claiming it was defamation and he lost.

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      • Pablo says:

        I have the love and support of my few remaining family members.

        Your children, Blob? How’s that going?

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      • Rob Crawford says:

        Kimberlin’s bombs were intended to distract from a murder investigation; he intended to influence government policy.

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    • Well, I did a little internet sleuthing of my own, Schmally, and i found a picture of the principal author of the turdsrfood site:

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    • Maybe you are the one who needs to reassess your position Bill. You don’t seem to remember that YOU STARTED THIS. And you expect it to all go away with just a wave of your hand. Yeah, not going to happen.

      You can end this, at least for me. You know how. You just choose not to do so. Your consistent repeating of the things you ever so falsely apologized for shows who you really are. You are incapable of self introspection. You are incapable of stopping yourself. You are incapable of truly being sorry for anything. All you know is you, you, you, you.

      And so you have people holding up a mirror in front of your face, turning what you say and do to others back on you. And you don’t like it very much. Sucks to be you.

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      • Actually, you’re wrong again, Sarah. To be honest, my involvement in all this started when Lee Stranahan sent the cops to my house on a pretend rape threat on September 1, 2012. So no, I didn’t start this particular fire. I have been fighting back, but I didn’t begin the fight.

        Stranny never apologized to me for disrupting my live with cops to my house. So, let’s be accurate in our history, whaddya say?

        And actually, Gail thought I was cute. I’ll take her word over yours any day.


      • BusPassOffice says:

        really Bill, that’s your story????


        I remember a bunch of websites and posts attacking lee then the tweets…

        But you’re the victim???

        Doxing a dead baby?

        Wonder how that’s going to play out

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      • Lee wouldn’t have sent cops to your house if you hadn’t of published your rape threat! When a crank does things like that, you never know when to take them seriously and that’s when you call the cops to check. It’s called logic. How’s that for getting history straight?

        Omg you are so unbelieveable. You started the ball rolling yet you think you can move a couple of yards from where you pushed it and then say THEY STARTED IT as it rolled past them. You do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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      • Pablo says:

        To be honest, my involvement in all this started when Lee Stranahan sent the cops to my house on a pretend rape threat on September 1, 2012.

        Seems that started with the “pretend” rape threat, doesn’t it? You don’t think it started until after you published his address, dumbfuck?

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      • theman9876 says:

        OMG!! What a f#$king liar!!! He knows good and well exactly how this entire affair began, HE was front and center!! Exactly why did Lee send the police to your tincasa Billy? What lie did he tell the police in Maryland to make them pay you a visit? What would have caused a man to make such a call to a law enforcement agency? Hmmmmm…………how about a rape threat on his wife! How about some jackass posts directions to his wife’s location and suggested somebody rape her. “To be honest”……….how can you even begin to use those words. You are complete scum with zero redeeming qualities, who is spreading darkness and filth all over the internet. You have alienated your children and family, you have very few friends and you have zero online reach with you idiotic content. You are even hated by those with which you identify with politically. Who gets kicked off DailyKos?! Seriously!!

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    • Oh! How about the half a million you wanted to take from each of the seven of us? Six of us? However many of us you were suing and then cried “uncle” on when you didn’t like how we chose to fight back.

      If you are so insistant on saying that Hoge not getting the $620K he originally sued for but instead getting $0 means that he’s a loser, then WHAT ABOUT YOU? You dismissed WITH PREJUDICE and got BUPKISS from us. You tried to get over THREE MILLION DOLLARS and WALKED AWAY WITH ZERO. Seems to me that if we are tallying up dollars that weren’t won, then Hoge lost mere chump change while you lost out on a whale load of cash.


      Story of the Cry-Bully. And you even fail at that. Bwahahahahaha!

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      • And you KNOW why I did that. Because I had decided to move to Wisconsin, a trial could take years and the trial would be in Maryland. But be patient. Now that I’m settled, not going anywhere, I am free to bring any charges based on things that happened after the case was dismissed. Which is why I am advising you, as a friend Sarah, not to write anything that crossed the line. And really. “Bwah”? God, woman you’re not a 14-year old. Have some dignity.


      • theman9876 says:

        What the hell do you know about dignity Bill? Not enough to show any to your dying wife!! Right?!

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      • Wait. I can’t laugh? Because that makes me a teenager? Who the fuck died and made you the arbiter of that?

        And with friends like you, Bill, I sure as HELL don’t need enemies!

        BTW. Nice, convenient story about why you dropped the FAILWHALESUIT. You keep telling your self that. It will be your own beddie-bye story, mmmkay? Do you need your blankie so you can nap well? Or just that JWR? Your choice.

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    • If it is so bad, why are you promoting it here?

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      • There’s a difference between promoting and demonstrating the depths of depravity some will go to. I am not ashamed of the picture. Gail gave me permission to take it so I could show Hinckley that she was flesh and blood and dying. Hinckley gave it to Krendler and we see what he did with it. Even as sick as she was, Gail was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I will always treasure our last few weeks together, which were NOT spent blogging and tweeting, but were mostly spent caregiving and cleaning and cooking and keeping Gail comfortable.

        As I said, I’m not interested in causing you any further annoyance, or Mr. Edgren. I think if we were all to sit down and have a few beers together, we would all decide we’re all fairly decent fellows after all. And I admit. Not every move I’ve made in the last few years was well-considered. But nothing I did — NOTHING — merits what Krendler and Hinckley and Johnson have done.


      • Something else I’d like you to consider, Dave. Set aside anything that happened before I got on the train in Baltimore on my way to Milwaukee. I dismissed the suit because I wanted no further part in the drama. I secured a nice little apartment where they were already FULLY aware of all the Sturm and Drang. But “Krendler” could not… just… let… me… go!

        He stole pictures I posted on blogs. He identified my apartment number by stalking my blog and seeing the apartment number on the door. Since I said I was moving into a former nunnery along the lake, he did some FIRST CLASS stalking and learned the entire address. Then, he saw a picture of a 3/4-full bottle of scotch I kept to entertain guests and refresh those who were helping in the move. Right away that turned into a meme where I put JWR in my morning cornflakes. Then Eric posted the names and addresses of the board members. Then Hinckley got a restraining order because I wrote him an e-mail he didn’t like. Then Hinckley and Johnson both started harassing the management and the board of directors. And Krendler kept up the day to day defamation, including the creation of the turdsrfood website.

        Have I harmed a soul, even in your definition of harm, since I moved out here? Can you name ONE THING I’ve done that merits this kind of behavior?

        Krendler explained it yesterday. It’s for Collette Stranahan. If so, then Krendler is a mad man.

        You are common folk, just like I am. If I did 1/10th of the things Krendler has done to me, you would be calling for my blood.

        But, yet, you support Krendler. You support Hinckley. You support Johnson.

        IOW, you support people who love to throw shit but cry like babies when it’s thrown back at them.

        Am I a victim? I don’t see it that way. Am I a wronged party? That will be for a judge to decide — not you or any of the other self-appointed Justices on the Supreme Court of Hoge.

        Take care, have a great day, watch some football and relax. You have nothing to worry about from me.


      • Techno Jinxx says:

        Gail’s Abuser needs to be reminded that HE was the one “stalking” people’s facebook pages, blogs, twitter feed, photobucket etc, and taking their pictures for his own use, claiming “if it was online it was fair game” (or words to that effect) a long time ago.

        Sucks when your own methods come back on you, don’t it Stinky?

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      • theman9876 says:

        I think Lynn Thomas would disagree with you and your bullshit story about being on your best behavior once you got off the train in Wisconsin. Eric would also disagree with you because of the multiple phone calls you made directly to him. And I hear he is pretty upset with the attack on his daughter(s).

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      • Oh,quit lying to yourself, Schmally. You were never interested in leaving the drama behind. If you didn’t want to keep up the fight, why keep looking at TMZ a dozen times a day? All you had to do was stop bothering people. Two weeks, and no more mockery from Krendler as long as you left people alone.

        But no, you’re too attached to your pointlessly-angry “Liberal Grouch” persona to have even a toddler’s level of self-control, much less that of a pre-pubescent tween. So you let some other member of the pedo-bomber admiration society goad you into railing on about ‘spoiled weenie juice’ and declaring a lady who had no idea who you were [having not noticed the first time you decided she was your enemy, since she has much more important stuff in her life] to be Krendler. So you could harass her for your diminutive idol, because you are the stupidest sack of fat failure in his orbit, dumb enough to rack up another restraining order.

        And then, you attempt copyright theft. And now, you’ve worked yourself up to filing yet another idiotic failsuit.

        How could we resist mocking you? You demand mockery. Who are we to deny you?

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      • Pablo says:

        Can you name ONE THING I’ve done that merits this kind of behavior?

        Now that’s you’ve moved on to yet another faildox, what do you have to say to Lynn Thomas?

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  5. “Have some dignity.”

    Said the Oopsie poopsie, paste blogs about snifiing my own shit, king.


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    • gmhowell says:

      Was that the guy who said it, or was it the guy who pissed himself at the sight of the sheriff?

      On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 8:51 PM, Dave Alexander & Company — Ukuleledave


      • Techno Jinxx says:

        OH yeah, Gail’s Abuser knows all about “dignity” when it suits him, and when it doesn’t he’s mailing pics of his almost dead wife to complete strangers.

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      • Let me correct you there, Thurston. I did not piss myself at the sight of the sheriff. I was sitting on my wheelchair, on my porch, in cold, driving rain, and my bladder let go. All part and parcel of the disease you claim I don’t have except for the Parkinson’s dementia I DO have because that’s why I am faking my PD. Let’s at least try to keep a semblance of truth in the story, OK?


      • gmhowell says:

        Mr. Schmalfeldt, Bill, I have asked you not to contact me via any method, including, but not limited to email and blog replies. My commenting to a third party on your lack of bladder control is not an indicator that this request is rescinded.

        Now, Bill, FOCUS: do NOT contact me through any forum or method. Contact by you is unwanted. Despite your lack of success, you clearly know how to file a lawsuit. Only through the court and under the auspices of a case, may you contact me.

        On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 2:26 PM, Dave Alexander & Company — Ukuleledave

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    • Toastrider says:

      Yeah, I was kinda amused at that one. ‘Dignity’.

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  6. theman9876 says:

    There is absolutely nothing that leads one to believe that the new TurdsR site is authored by Paul Krendler or any other Lickspittle. What would the purpose of adding a site that already exists? If anyone wants to expose a lying, harassing piece of $hit there are many sites already available. Why take the time and effort to start another? Bill published a book under an anonymous author credit, attempting to make it seem like Paul Krendler wrote the book. But that didn’t work out for him because…..STUPID. He is now attempting to show this ‘new’ site that is critical of him, is published by PK. Paul already has [REDACTED] his own site(s) and doesn’t need another to express himself. And how do you explain the comments on this new site? Where is the Lickspittle Army contributing the hundred and hundreds of comments per week? But when you break down the situation to it’s most basic elements, Fat Willie just can’t write as good as Krendler.

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  7. wpdavidd says:

    “You are complete scum with zero redeeming qualities, who is spreading darkness and filth all over the internet.”

    “You’re a mean one, Mr. Cry-bully. You really are a heel.”

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  8. wpdavidd says:

    Whenever someone starts a statement with the words “To be honest”, whatever follows is a lie.

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  9. I only regret that I didn’t create that website. But thanks for granting me access to “the picture”, Shakes. Carte blanche, anyone?

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