Anyone still…


…play board games?


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6 Responses to Anyone still…

  1. gmhowell says:

    Carcassone now and then.


  2. fred4d says:

    Check out Wil Wheaton’s twitter feed @wilw, always mentioning board games and even has a you-tube series on them, tabletop.


  3. Mr. Bill’s next roll could put him on the space between Marvin Gardens and Pacific Avenue.

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  4. Check out for some fun, weird, and wonderful games, of both the board and the card variety.


  5. A.B. says:

    Zombies!!! and Settlers of Catan are absolute must play games.


  6. Toastrider says:

    Card and board games are enjoying a mild resurgence, particularly among the tabletop gaming crowd who might want a quick fix. My favorites:

    Castle Panic: A cooperative game in which you’re defending your castle against an invasion of fantasy monsters. Requires a bit of teamwork, and things can go pear shaped for both the invaders AND the defenders in spectacular ways.

    Pandemic: Another coop game, in which you’re trying to stamp out four major diseases across the world. This one is deceptively difficult, and wrong moves can doom you.

    Car Wars: Card game based on the tabletop game by Steve Jackson games, this is a pretty faithful and entertaining version.

    Cards Against Humanity: The infamous evil twin of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity isn’t for the weak of stomach or easily offended. That being said, it can also be screamingly funny.

    Kung Fu: A quirky, entertaining card game that simulates a martial-arts fight. Solid design and good pace. Lends itself well to multiplayer brawls.


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