Your Websites Make Me Seasick


Dear Washington Times and Breitbart:

This is a simple request: Stop making me seasick.
Your websites can be useful and moneymaking journalistic institutions, or they can be a rollercoaster ride of popups and sliding text.
Breibart. Jeesh. The whole site slides over for an ad three seconds after I get there. I get it. You want my attention. In reality, the slide is like you’re pulling a book away from my face. Very annoying.
Washington Times: You guys are the worst. This is a screen grab of your site today:

Washington Times.png

See the words under “ANALYSIS/OPINION”???
That’s called content. The rest of the blinking, overlapping, autostarting mess is not. The stuff on the bottom slides, and changes every few seconds. The AdChoice stuff on the right for Williams Sonoma actually blocks other links to articles. I know you have to make money, and links, popups and other ads pay the bills.
Can you figure out a way to make your website blink, slide and block less?

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3 Responses to Your Websites Make Me Seasick

  1. Pablo says:

    Breitbart is terrible and I can’t even read Daily Caller. God forbid you should even attempt any of these sites on a mobile device.


  2. Daily caller is definitely the worst.


  3. You guys need AdBlock. I’d like to support these sites’ profitability, but their ads won’t let me read in peace, so I block their ads. It’s a much more pleasant experience.


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