You Can Spy On Your House – And So Can Others

You can buy a product called Nest Cam, which lets you look in on your house from anywhere in the world.



You can also turn it off.  Or can you? (Cue dramatic music!)

From Slashdot:

The truth is: the Nest Cam is never “off” despite an effort by Nest and its parent Google to make it appear otherwise. That, according to an analysis of the Nest Cam by the firm ABI Research, which found that turning the Nest Cam “off” using the associated mobile application only turns off the LED power indicator light on the front of the device. Under the hood, the camera continues to operate and, according to ABI researcher Jim Mielke, to monitor its surroundings: noting movement, sound and other activity when users are led to believe it has powered down.

The company says there’s nothing to be afraid of. (Cue dramatic music.) But isn’t that always what the company says?


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2 Responses to You Can Spy On Your House – And So Can Others

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.

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