Bill Schmalfeldt Says He Wrote This


From Thinking Man’s Zombie, during the period of time when Bill Schmalfeldt says he was writing as Krendler:   (I underlined a few phrases.  — Dave)

Publisher’s note: This is Bill Schmalfeldt’s view. We, at The Thinking Man’s Zombie, enjoy parodying Bill Schmalfeldt by taking his words and twisting them back on his fat, stinky ass. But sometimes, God provides an epic bit of dumbassery that requires little but to change names and visual aids.

I learned this lesson a little too late. Too late for my health, too late for my reputation, just too late. But not too late to pass some advice on to my reader (Gail) and those of you imaginary and or accidental readers who are righteously outraged by the filth smeared on your computer screens by the haters, misogynists, homophobes, anal rape enthusiasts and fools. But enough about me.


Krendler created this to screw with Bill’s head. Would Bill create this to pretend to screw with Bill’s head?

What I am about to show you should make you physically ill. I hope.

Bill Schmalfeldt, the slack jawed idiot who said that…  

(May 30, 2014)

This could get hard to understand.  Bill now says that in April and May of 2014, HE was writing the Krendler stuff for Thinking Man’s Zombie.  Now, that’s ridiculous, since I happen to know Bill never wrote this stuff.  But let’s give him that

In 2014, Krendler was writing parodies of Bill’s writing.   Krendler was writing stuff which was in the “voice of Schmalfeldt.”  He still does occasionally.  I think he has to take pain killers and JWR to accomplish it, but he writes “as Schmalfeldt.”  It must hurt.

If we pretended that Bill Schmalfeldt’s fantasy about being Krendler is true, then in April 2014, Bill was writing as Bill on Bill’s blog.  He then would sign onto Thinking Man’s Zombie and mock himself and his own writing using words like fat stinky ass, dumbassery,  slack jawed idiot, and all the rest.

You know what would be easier to believe?  Perhaps Schmalfeldt doesn’t exist, but that Krendler created him.



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7 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt Says He Wrote This

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Because every time he tries to think, all the blood rushes out his head in fear, and he passes out.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    I wish to register a complaint.

    I have reviewed the tags for this post, and based on that information there seems to be something missing.

    Actually two somethings.

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