A Second and Final Warning to Bill Schmalfeldt

Yesterday the USPS delivered to Bill Schmalfeldt a copy of a “cease and desist” letter from me that he had to sign for, which he did.  In that letter I told him in no uncertain terms to leave me, my wife and my family alone and explained the certain consequences to him if he did not.  This post on Dave Alexander’s blog is the second public warning he has received from me about such contact since he dismissed with prejudice last summer in his federal court lawsuit all claims he had either brought or could have brought against me through that time.  It will be the last warning he will receive.

Bill had the chance when he dismissed the lawsuit and moved from Maryland to Wisconsin to reboot his life and the toxic environment in which he lived that life.  As my colleague here and others have so abundantly documented online, he failed by his own choice to do that.  I, for one, would have left him completely alone, and in fact the two warnings and the aforementioned letter are the only times since last summer that I have contacted him or otherwise made any public reference to him.  I strongly suspect over time that others would have followed suit however much their lives had been damaged by Bill’s involvement in those lives in the past.  I believe that he knows and understands this, just as I believe that he knows and understands that at no time have I every made a derogatory or negative comment about his deceased wife.

But Bill Schmalfeldt lacks the sense to do what is right, much less what would have benefited him tremendously as a human being.  He talks incessantly about moving on in his Twitter feed and his various blogs but his subsequent statements and actions always demonstrate that, like so much else in his life, this talk is nothing but more lies told by a person who seems to have dedicated his life to lying.  Lying about himself, lying about his relationships with others, lying about the things he has done during his time on the planet, lying about the people whose paths he has crossed.  Lies, lies, lies.  A life of lies.  And no sign that he regrets this or truly wishes that things were different.

I have nothing more to say to Bill.  I have nothing more to say in public about him.  Unless he does something that requires me to make a response.  And then Hell will hath no fury.


David Edgren

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11 Responses to A Second and Final Warning to Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. David and I both wanted to move on from this topic — and indeed we had. I’d like to talk/write about silly college kids, shutuppery, environmental foolishness and other fun stuff. On the other hand, I won’t back down.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    Dear Lord our Father,

    Please continue to bestow LULZ upon us, your humble servants, by allowing Bill Schmalfeldt to ignore the warnings and wise counsel of David Edgren.


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  3. wjjhoge says:

    Murum aries attigit.

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  4. The 13th Krendler of Wymbourne says:

    Carthago delenda est


  5. Dr_Mike says:

    Considering I credit Edgren’s well placed salvos, more than any actions by the esteemed WJJH, with Bill’s recent decision to drop trou and flee, ill-informed pooperis, to Wisconsin, I halfheartedly urge Bill to, for once in his life, heed this final warning.

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  7. Let me see… you want to move on from this topic, but you keep writing about it. And for once, Mr. Hoge is correct. He’s just wrong about whose wall has been hit by whose ram.

    You leave me alone, I leave you alone. Try it. See how it works.

    And… drop trou and flee? Really? From what?


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