This Is How They Measure Temperature For Global Warming Stats

Thanks to Watts Up With That?


That red thing with the hose and the exhaust stack is a space heater for the tent. Note the Stevenson Screen to the right and the automated weather station to the left. Note also that the station is boxed in pretty well with trees and infrastructure, and now we have this heated tent.

Radcliffe weather station A

Sudden Oak

How do you suppose this affects the temperature readings? The warm exhaust air from the heater is located about 20 feet from the temperature sensor. The porter said it was a temporary structure that was set up every so often. I was unable to consult with the weather observer about how this situation came about or whether any corrections are being made to the data.


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing.  If you’re going to try to compare temperature readings over a hundred years ago, wouldn’t you have to have very reliable data from say, 1915 and excellent reliable data from now?  It looks like we can’t even count on the new data.

From Friends of Science:



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5 Responses to This Is How They Measure Temperature For Global Warming Stats

  1. I used to think this stuff was accidental, just the rare incompetent person running the weather station, etc.
    It’s no accident. When they don’t have artificial heat sources around to cook the data for them, they just do it manually.


    • And of course they’ve gotten rid of a lot of the weather stations. IIRC from WattsUp a few years back, the temps from CA used to be averaged from dozens of stations throughout the state; inland, coastal, north, south, in the mountains, etc. There are now three stations and they are all at coastal airports.

      Gee, do you think that might affect the average for the state, even without issues like being over black tarmac or near heat sources?

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  2. But they are SCIENTISTS! We must bow to their magical powers of experimentation and estimation. Bah!


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