The Individual Who Can’t Keep the Contents of His BMs Secret Has Been In a Conspiracy With John Hoge

From Bill Schmalfeldt’s Blog:

(Safe link to The Wayback Machine)

I Wrote it.png

And all this time, Bill Schmalfeldt has kept this dirty secret: That for a time, HE was Krendler.  Then he eventually wasn’t.  And John Hoge orchestrated the ruse.  Oooooh!  I love a good conspiracy!

Another writer took over as Krendler, and said mean things about Mrs. Schmalfeldt.  Still Bill stayed quiet.

Terrible, rotten pictures appeared as avatars.  People sued each other.  Bill identified various people as Krendler.  Bill kept quiet about the conspiracy.

True Identity

This was from a failed lawsuit.  Bill wrote this.  That ferret.

Bill, The Top Notch Ferret

A picture of Mrs. Schmalfeldt  so terrible that it manages to degrade the subject, the photographer and anyone who publishes it appeared on the Krendler blog.  Still Bill kept quiet.

Lynn is Krendler

Just to be clear, the people identified in these two tweets are NOT the same individual.  They are probably also NOT Krendler.

Once again, Bill Schmalfeldt believes that if he gets into a legal conflict with Krendler, then the real Krendler must stand up.  And once he knows the name of the real Krendler, he’ll have him!  Or her.  He’s still not sure.

How’s that going so far?bill cartoon









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27 Responses to The Individual Who Can’t Keep the Contents of His BMs Secret Has Been In a Conspiracy With John Hoge

  1. A.B. says:

    1. Bill has filed multiple lawsuits alleging multiple different people are Paul Krendler writing mean things about him at TMZ
    2. Bill publishes a book of these means things as Anonymous which contains a ton of material lifted from TMZ written by Paul Krendler
    3. Bill files his own DMCA against Paul Krendler’s TMZ site using his real information (d’oh!) asserting/swearing that he is the copyright holder of the work in question
    4. Bill becomes very publicly upset on Twitter that John Hoge supposedly filed a DMCA (which he didn’t) to take the book down from Amazon.

    So to recap:

    Bill publishes a book containing a ton of material from TMZ on Amazon and then asserts rights as the copyright holder under DMCA for the material. All of the work on TMZ has a byline showing the author as Paul Krendler and the date written. But Bill has also filed in several courts under penalty of perjury that he doesn’t know who Paul Krendler of TMZ is.

    Essentially he is now claiming that Bill = Paul Krendler.


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  2. agiledog says:

    I think that blog post is solid grounds for John Hoge to sue Bill Schmalfeldt for defamation. Bill’s claim that the two of them worked together is such a slander against Mr. Hoge’s character that it qualifies as Libel.

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  3. Gus Bailey says:

    I object to the besmirching of ferrets.

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  4. Dianna says:

    Very briefly – Krendler writes better than Bill Schmalfeldt. When he’s doodling in the margins of a company memo, Krendler writes better than Bill Schmalfeldt with a week’s notice and a cheat-sheet.

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  5. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    So Bill expects us to believe that he sued someone for writing things that Bill himself wrote? How does that make the slightest bit of sense? Of course this is Stolen Valor Bill Schmalfeldt, so no stupidity is to great to imagine.

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  6. gbm says:

    Look at bs’s website at the top, use the archive link in this post.
    This is a copy/paste from it:

    Fresh, Steaming PODCASTS

    This time of year when the bull go’s it does steam when it hits the ground.


  7. Gustavo Fring says:

    BS’s entire plan was to lure PK out of hiding to sue him with this “anonymous” book. He begged for it over and over on twitter. Since he can’t admit that he lied on the copyright application for the book, he’s doubling down on his lies to claim to be early-era PK.

    And he’s not fooling anyone. That’s the problem with lies…sometimes there are so many of them you can’t keep them all straight.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      sometimes there are so many of them you can’t keep them all straight.

      As you can see, he doesn’t even try.

      This isn’t likely a new occurrence.. From what we know of his history, this is just more of the same.


  8. I do love the idea that he filed a DMCA takedown. Against himself.

    Seriously, if an author invented Bill, his/her editor would hand the manuscript back claiming that the character was completely unbelievable and unrealistic.

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  9. So Schmally claims he wrote this TMZ inaugural post
    but he also claims that -now- he’s upset that his wife is being insulted?

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