The Evidence of The Vile Writings Shall Convict Them

We have seen this before:

The Evidence

I have heard this before.

Always reminds me of the Barrister Bill 

“Oh, goodie!  I’m going to court.  Court is a place where I get to air all grievances.  There will be grand opportunities to present evidence of the malfeasance of others.  Then, finally, I shall earn my revenge!”  – The Rough, Literal Translation of Bill Schmalfeldt’s Tweets

I have heard the “it would be worth it to see the look on their faces…” phrasing again.  No matter how terrible the circumstances, there is ALWAYS a chance to vanquish the horde.



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17 Responses to The Evidence of The Vile Writings Shall Convict Them

  1. Do we need to sent a few zombies (or zombie wanna-bes) to sit in the back of the room so he can try to call “That one!” to the stand?

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    • gmhowell says:

      It’s the experience of a lifetime, and makes court observers quickly figure out how cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs he really is.

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      • Toastrider says:

        Which is why I think he’ll never actually follow through on some of these threats. After the collapse of TK’s lulzsuit barrage, it would not surprise me if his method of attack is to threaten, make ominous demands, but when push comes to shove never actually file anything.

        From what I’ve gathered (and I’m not ‘on the inside’ with the Zombies), there are some serious questions about CB’s pauper status, not to mention the validity of his filings in light of his behavior regarding Krendler. Honestly, it would be wisest to simply lie low, but as we can all agree, CB is Not Wise At All.

        Hence, his most recent attempts to try and dragoon the management of his assisted living complex into fighting his battles for him. Crybully, indeed.


      • Hey, Mail Mule. En Garde.


  2. I saw a lawyer TV show — like LA Law or something like it, where the opposing attorney was a huge Red Sox fan. The star lawyer started reciting the play by play of Bill Buckner’s error in game 6 of the 1986 world series. The lawyer became unhinged.

    I’m pretty sure there are trigger words a lawyer could work into cross examination of Bill. It would have to be a Lickspittle or Zombie.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Or a well, or even moderately, coached lawyer of a lickspittle or zombie.

      I could make a list, but I’m at a deli. Hey, Bob, er, could I get that with mayo? Yes, a footlong.

      On rye. I mean, rye knott?


  3. I want you and all your readers to check out Krendler’s newest blog. And I’m not talking about his theft of Gail’s picture. I told Gail who was awake and alert just why I wanted to take that photo and what I was going to do with it. Even as sick as she was, she was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. No, what I really want you to concentrate on is the filth and profanity and outright obscenity your buddy Krendler is responsible for. Think of all you believe I’ve done, whether I’ve done it or not. Then look at EVERY SINGLE POST at that website and tell me YOU believe that this website is the creation of a sane person. You guys go on and on and on about me being the evil cyberstalker. Yet, Scott Hinckley sends letters and phone calls to the management here trying to get me kicked out. Eric Johnson posts a list of the names and addresses of the board of directors for the management company that runs this lovely place for the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. Why do they deserve to be hounded and harassed by Hinckley and Johnson? Why do Gail’s friends and family who might search her name have to see the turdsrfood website? Punishing the innocent along with the presumed guilty ok with you all? Posting obscene stories about a woman none of you knew is ok with you? Then how can you claim to have the moral authority to judge me for anything you think I’ve done? You lost that moral authority by supporting Krendler and Hinckley and Johnson. Also, if you disapprove of the turdsrfood website and know who Krendler really is, and do not share that info with me so I can force him to leave my wife alone, then you are just as foul and filthy and vile as he is.


    • BusPassOffice says:

      It was a public list there boyo – if they didn’t want to be contacted they shouldn’t have listed their info under “Our People”

      Sounds like someone is worried – why – why did you erase all that harassment on your Dirty S blog and why did you delete the blog the “St Francis Examiner”?

      Judges, Juries, love deleted info makes people wonder what you were trying to hide?


      • Thank you, BTW, for confirming that the e-mails were sent by you. That will make things much easier. Don’t worry, Eric. You’re going to have all the opportunity in the world to explain your madness to a Federal judge.


      • BusPassOffice says:

        What emails are you talking about?


      • The ones you sent to the apartment manager, along with your phone calls to the apartment manager.


      • BusPassOffice says:

        Really? Fed to Fed again?

        I never ever sent you or Cardinal any written communication

        But facts never stopped a liar, a forger of emails, or someone with 6 perhaps soon 7 8 9 restraining orders

        Yeah and deleted how many blogs and blog posts – in the hundreds?

        Or made threats for a decade on the web, violated the hatch act perhaps hundreds if not thousands of times

        Be sure to explain that to the Judge


  4. Sam says:

    Huh! Just a few days ago someone, I think it was the Dread Zombie Pirate, said that she thought the writer of turdsrfood was a plant…and sure enough, here comes Bill holding it up as proof of argle bargle, just as would be predicted. Makes you go “Hmmmmm…”

    Of course, he could rightly point out how absolutely insane it would be tp be making that stuff about himself and the late Gail. It would stagger the imagination to think anyone would do something like that…and yet he has spent the last week claiming that it was he, Bill Shmalfeldt, who wrote every “vile” word at the Thinking Man’s Zombie site when it first was created. So…there you go.


  5. I knew that as soon as I mentioned it, someone would suggest “I did it to myself.: I mailed the horse crap to myself, I mailed the prison uniform to myself. I mailed the shit-scented candle to myself. I mailed the death threats to myself. I mailed the e-mails and made the phone calls to apartment management. Bullshit. Easy way to absolve oneself of blame. The jews killed themselves in the concentration camps. I can’t reason with unreasonable people.


    • Sam says:

      Oh Bill, Bill, Bill…you yourself–That’s YOU, Bill Schmalfeldt–have just claimed to have written the “Paul Krendler” stuff. The stuff that said awful things about you and Gail. YOU calimed you wrote it.

      I didn’t claim you wrote it.

      Hoge didn’t claim you wrote it.

      Your cousin Roy didn’t claim you wrote it.

      YOU claimed you wrote it.

      It’s a lie, of course. It’s what you do. That and fail. And dance. And fail. And rage. But mostly fail.

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      • Sam says:

        And you must live with the fact that you have just insulted the memory of your dead wife in a failed attempt to make other people look bad as you yourself actually ARE. Wow. If you had an ounce of human decency you would deeply ashamed of yourself. But being who and what your are you will instead be infuriated at having the worst aspects of your personality, yet again, held up for the world to see.

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