Remind Me to Never Bother BusPassOffice

From Hogewash this morning:


I am still laughing at bill’s fake phone call yesterday and wondering if its worth contacting Cardinal Management to tell them how they select residents with multiple restraining orders to have the privilege in living in tax payer subsidized housing.

Like I said Bill, its your actions that – if you get evicted – its 100% your doing. Blaming and threatening people like me for pointing out your behavior, Dude its not a crime, a tort or harassment, we have the right and the duty to point out your child porn, your harassment and your support and associations with convicted pedophiles, terrorists, and failed bloggers.

Context, more context.

Lesson: Everybody knows Bill’s voice.  Everybody has already asked their supervisor to Google Bill Schmalfeldt.  Bill can only harm himself.  He should leave people alone.

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