I Just Thought I’d Remind Bill Schmalfeldt…

…of something. I have studiously avoided making any public comment about him since he dismissed his Federal Court lawsuit against me and a number of other bloggers last summer. Bill needs to remember that his dismissal, with prejudice, of the lawsuit wasn’t part of any deal with me. I encouraged him to move on, yes, but it has become abundantly clear that he hasn’t, and he continues to gratuitously attack people I consider both my friends and his betters.

Bill had a chance to make a deal with me, but he took a pass. Then he caved after a number of other folks along with me started hitting him with clue sticks and gave me everything I had sought to bargain for anyway. So he gave up everything and got nothing.

This blog opposes shutuppery, which is a good thing. I just want to remind Bill that there are so many things in this world to talk about, and so many choices of words that allow one to do that in a civil manner. He can go right on saying whatever he wants. He just needs to remember that I am perfectly free to commence repeating those things again if I get offended enough. And, like Bill, I don’t make threats, I make promises. Unlike Bill, though, I keep mine.

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5 Responses to I Just Thought I’d Remind Bill Schmalfeldt…

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    I have often said that if he just shuts up, I will leave him alone. Sometimes I think I could make it easier for him if I promised to stop mocking him if he would just stop saying mockworthy things.

    But there’s a problem with that:

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      You’re entirely too charitable, Paul. I’d go much further, in that everything William thinks is mockable.

      Stupidity, dementia and alcoholism does that!

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