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Ever notice that lefties tend to be sandal wearing, fruit juice drinking, nudists?

Originally posted on Running The Race:
A reminder of how little has changed amongst the far left since George Orwell wrote The Road to Wigan Pier in 1937: “The first thing that must strike any outside observer is that Socialism,…

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OK, Class! I Need Quiet, or I’m Calling the Cops!

By now the whole country has seen the video of South Carolina Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields flipping a student to the ground because she would not stop texting in class. Obviously the assault was unnecessary and stupid. A lot of … Continue reading

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There’s Stupid, and Then There’s Major League Stupid

And this is some serious stupid: From Johnathon Turley: Daniel Salata, 32, violated the first cardinal rule of interviews: Never incriminate yourself in any criminal conduct in the course of your interview. Most people seem to be able to navigate … Continue reading

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Rock Lines I Wish I’d Written

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We Owe So Much to Those Brave Beavers…

Vintage footage of parachuting beaver: Thanks to

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Wouldn’t the Term “Speech Codes” Make You Suspicious?

Shutuppery is defined by me as the use of electronic social media, speech codes, courts and government intervention to enforce rules on speech.  When Brett Kimberlin sues John Hoge or Aaron Walker because they accurately and responsibly reported on his … Continue reading

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Fiction: A Quiet Country Store

Dust floated down the street toward the old general store, where on the sagging porch, a passel of dirty-faced children gathered around a dirtier-faced old man.    The old man leaned his chair back against the wall of the store, … Continue reading

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