There’s Stupid, and Then There’s Major League Stupid

And this is some serious stupid:

From Johnathon Turley:

Daniel Salata, 32, violated the first cardinal rule of interviews: Never incriminate yourself in any criminal conduct in the course of your interview. Most people seem to be able to navigate around possible crimes fairly easily but Salata not only opted to disclose a penchant for child pornography but did it in an interview for a job with the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Next step?  Search Warrant, search and pictures on his computer.

Salata is now booked on suspicion of four counts of first-degree and second-degree possession of child pornography — two counts bringing a maximum of 10-year terms. It is likely that additional charges will be filed.

From the comments:  (I remember this case very well)

In the 90’s New York State Police Trooper David Harding when asked in a CIA interview if he would be willing to break the law to protect his country boasted that he had fabricated evidence in cases were he believed suspects guilty. The CIA was not impressed and turned him in. The Harding case uncovered similar corruption that led to the arrest of several state troopers including Lt. Craig Harvey, a sixteen-year veteran of the force for planting and falsifying evidence.

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