If True, Somebody Needed to Find This Out Decades Ago

The LA Times Reports:

The Los Angeles Board of Education voted this week to fire nationally recognized teacher Rafe Esquith, following a misconduct investigation that included allegations he made an improper joke to students and inappropriately touched minors, according to sources with knowledge of the decision.

The longtime educator at Hobart Avenue Elementary School, who has received national acclaim for his teaching and his bestselling books, has denied wrongdoing. -snip-

In a letter to Esquith’s attorneys in August, district officials said they were investigating RafeEsquith_300.jpgclaims that he inappropriately touched minors before and during his more than 30-year teaching career. The district also said the inquiry “revealed multiple inappropriate photographs and videos of a sexual nature.”

I don’t know of this guy, and can’t comment on the truth of the charges of course.  His lawyer, Mark Geregos says this has to do with a class-action lawsuit regarding the treatment of end-of-career teachers.  The district has been bringing up charges to deny benefits.  That seems pretty far out there.

Thirty years or more, and somebody is just now finding this out?

If it’s true..noose, tree.  Some assembly required.

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4 Responses to If True, Somebody Needed to Find This Out Decades Ago

  1. A Reader #1 says:

    He and a bunch of other teachers have filed a $1 billion class action lawsuit in which they allege that these which hunts are the way that the school district gets rid of senior teachers and avoids paying benefits.


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    If it’s true..noose, tree. Some assembly required.

    hmmm. two sides.
    or the USMC theory…
    …Let GOD sort them out.


  3. Toastrider says:

    Oh, THIS isn’t going to get ugly. Either Esquith is a lowlife predator, or the district is trying something so contemptible that the officials involved should be jailed for an equivalent time period.


    • Toastrider, I agree. I really can’t see someone in the district going “there” just because of a billion dollar lawsuit. It’s not their billion dollars. Now, if he is correct that they’ve been fiddling with late career teachers illegally, this could be a plan to silence him. A really, really bad plan. But we’ve seen bigger “stupid.”


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