Bill Schmalfeldt Responds


Ratting Out

Of course, I have not said WHO Krendler is.  That would be ratting out.  Bill has been begging, but I have not given him anything.  You know this because Bill keeps rambling on.  Plus, fun.


Dave, Dave, Dave.

This is not a threat. This is advice.

It is not a good idea for a professional broadcaster to allow his blog to be used by retarded fuckwits to make untrue, unsubstantiated and definitely defamatory claims about people.

A GOOD moderator would know better than to place his livelihood at risk for people that don’t care about him.

Stay in touch.

This of course was not the only interesting piece of mail I’ve received today.  For a Saturday, it has been busy around here.  I will prove a community service by allowing Bill to communicate here and for others to respond.  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act seems to give bloggers no responsibility for the comments of others.  I will suggest that no one accuse others of things which cannot be proven.

I should also mention that this blog had perhaps ten posts and zero readers when Bill first threatened me.  If I feel like someone is threatening me, I’m not likely to run scared.

On that subject, I have recently come to the conclusion that Bill’s identification of Mr. Grady as Paul Krendler is way off the mark.  As Krendler has been accused of certain defined torts, and those accusations were recklessly aimed at Grady, it seems Mr. Schmalfeldt has put himself at risk.  Being Krendler isn’t illegal per se, but randomly picking folks out of a pool of candidates, calling them Krendler and suing them seems dangerous in itself.

As far as letting “retarded fuckwits” to use the website, maybe Bill should find more professional vocabulary to use around a special education teacher.  Many “retarded” students are pleasant, caring and able to sustain quality relationships.

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88 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt Responds

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    Our drunken friend also swore under oath on multiple occasions that Grady was Krendler, a problem compounded by the fact that he chose not to name other John and Jane Doe defendants in Lulzsuit the Fifth because he couldn’t “prove” who they were.

    Also, by moving to dismiss his own complaint with prejudice, he seemed to have been saying that noting that he has been accused of rape isn’t libel. If that’s true, what could you say about William that is?

    In filing so many frivolous, vexatious and borderline psychotic actions, he may have made himself libel-proof.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      That William Schmalfeldt sued Roy Schmalfeldt for accusing him of rape is a matter of pubic record. So too is the fact that William Schmalfeldt, after due deliberation, decided it wasn’t worth the bother of clearing his own name.

      One can draw from that any number of conclusions, but Occam’s Razor would at least suggest that one stands out.

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  2. You think that was a threat? That was just advice. Check out how you are protected under CDA 230 as an Internet Content Facilitator. As one who takes part in the comments. I apologize for the use of the word “retarded.” That was insensitive of me to compare your vast readership to developmentally disabled folks.

    A threat requires an intent to do something bad. I have expressed no such intent. Instead, quite the opposite, I have no intention whatsoever of suing you. But you know as well as I do that the microcephalic component of your readership will continue to ratchet up the filth, one of them will cross the line, and you will have to defend a subpoena for IP records.

    My advice, again, not a threat, moderate your comments.

    I did not know you were a teacher. Good on you. You should know better than to allow cretins to use you like this.

    But, it’s your blog, your responsibility.

    Take care.


  3. Well, gawrsh. If Roy “Schmalfeldt” wants to do anything, won’t he have to reveal his cowardly ass?


    • Neal N. Bob says:

      Did you, or did you not, assert in at LEAST six legal filings that Patrick Grady was Paul Krendler under penalty of perjury?

      Roy Schmalfeldt just said that you’re a rapist, which the legal record indicates you didn’t think was that big a deal.

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    • viewfromnl says:

      Bill, you display the false bravado of someone with nothing left to lose.

      No livelihood beyond parasitic attachment to the state, your dubious mental faculties fading before our eyes, and your endless pathetic attempts to rebrand your revolting “satire” falling as flat as a shaky old man overcome by the potent fumes of Slovenian horse-poop.

      Keeping you at arm’s-length by exercising our right to anonymity isn’t cowardice, it’s a simple tactical response to YOUR reprehensible insistence on escalating civil online arguments into real-world attacks against people’s family, employment, friends, and any other aspect of their private lives you can get your filthy paws into.

      I might also mention that someone who PISSES THEMSELVES over a simple service of legal papers might want to avoid accusing others of cowardice.

      Oh! Almost forgot: NEW POST!!!

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  4. I guess you better step up out of hiding and SUE me then, Neal.


  5. BusPassOffice says:


    I think anyone will prevail against someone who writes about raping little children frequently.

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    • How about people who identify Lynn Thomas as Paul Krendler?


      • Techno Jinxx says:

        you could try realizing he was referencing a tweet of yours from the 29th.
        but then you might realize you are completely wrong, and how badly you have been played all day.

        better to just assume your leap of (il)logic was correct and keep diggin that hole Shakey!!!

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      • MJ says:

        Who are these people identifying Paul Krendler? Oh yeah, you’re going to get IP addresses and have people bend to your “private email communications.”

        How is all that working out for you?

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      • Four extortionate emails to me from good ol’ Unca Biwwy led to
        a) much laughter,
        b) reports to the local police so they were on record,
        c) reports to the FBI, including forwarding said letters, again so it would be on record,
        d) much mockery.

        Note that none of those points were the information or response he was demanding from me, in particular who had ordered the Slovenskian manure. Nor did my refusal to respond to his creepy demands lead to the postal inspectors breaking down my door and leading me off in cuffs to face federal jail time. (I love how he thinks that a civil tort will lead to loss of liberty – he’s obviously never even read a basic law text. After following Biwwy and the rest of TK’s exploits for the last few years, there is nothing in the first seven chapters of my Law for Business text that I didn’t already know.)


    • When Bill O’Reilly goes to prison for it first then you might just be on to something.


  6. Nothing more pathetic than watching a man trying to save face in front of people who couldn’t carry his jockstrap. Show some self-pride, Dave.


  7. I choose to NOT cut off Bill Schmalfeldt’s opportunity to comment. Same for everybody else. If I start moderating comments, everybody will lose out.

    I edited this Sunday. I chose NOT to cut off his opportunity…. Hope it was understood before, even though I skipped a word.

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    • Well, if you don’t want to speak with Bill I completely understand.

      You can talk to me instead.

      I think you know to reach me.


      • viewfromnl says:

        Why wouldn’t someone want to interact with Bill Schmalfeldt?

        Why would someone who didn’t want to interact with the sort of person Bill is, want to interact with YOU instead?

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      • Umm…maybe precisely because I’m not Bill and don’t carry the baggage?

        Your mileage may vary.

        Dave’s a grown man who is capable of making his own decisions. Let him answer.

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      • viewfromnl says:

        You Team Kimberlin sociopaths really have no clue as to the thought processes of normal human beings, do you?


      • viewfromnl says:

        As for Dave making decisions and answering for himself, I couldn’t prevent him from doing so even if I wanted to. But, hey, sounded good in your head while your lips moved and your fingers typed, eh?

        While you might not have Bill’s “baggage”, you’ve forged your own set of chains, sub_jacob_marley.

        Don’t quit your day job, you talentless hack and failed propagandist.


    • Dr_Mike says:

      Well, Bill did say, “It is not a good idea for a professional broadcaster to allow his blog to be used by retarded fuckwits to make untrue, unsubstantiated and definitely defamatory claims about people.”

      In this one case, I do support and endorse taking Bill’s advice. By blocking one specific fuckwit who makes untrue, unsubstantiated, and defamatory claims about people.

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  8. BusPassOffice says:

    I don’t think in the history of American Jurisprudence has a judge granted legal motions of child porn producers for their “reputation” ……

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    • Boy, Eric. Is Lynn Thomas ever mad at YOU!!!


      • BusPassOffice says:

        Annnd there it is, Krendler was John, then Pat, then Aaron, then David MArcusso, then Aaron, then John, then heather, then John, then some Eric guy…………..

        I remember when someone was DEAD sure I mailed him something………

        Like I said whose going to take seriously in court a man while his dear wife was dying, spent time making rape fantasies for sale about binding, gagging, urinating and gang raping very young children.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        BPO, how many times do you need to be told that it’s SATIRE of about binding, gagging, urinating and gang raping very young children?

        It’s different because it’s … funny?

        I dunno, but I’m sober a distressing amount of the time.

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  9. Neal N. Bob says:

    I wonder if William has the courage to repeat his still-unretracted allegations about John Hoge, Aaron Walker and an unnamed, underage girl. Or is that another lie that he wants to run away from?

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    • Was my name on the complaint, stupid? When did I make any allegations?


      • Neal N. Bob says:

        On your many different Twitter handles, your several blogs …

        I think “Hoge is going to jail” featured prominently each time.

        But you never retracted your “reporting”, did you?

        Care to repeat it?

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Psssst. Fuckhead?

        Statute of limitations runs through March, if I’m not mistaken.

        Might be longer, since you moved. But you were really helpful in doing that, since it establishes diversity against everyone that told the little story in public without apology or retraction.

        Just sayin’.

        Have a REALLY NICE five months waiting to see what, if anything, drops on your head.

        Oh, and bottoms up!

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    • wjjhoge says:

      In a comment to the Breitbart Unmasked post “William Hoge Stalking A Teenager For His Conspiracy Theory,” the Cabin Boy™ wrote the following: “Matt, that was an appropriately brutal and true depiction of events.” In endorsing Matt Osborne’s false and defamatory post as “true,” he has joined in the defamation.

      A suitable retraction and apology could save all concerned the need to be concerned about the statute of limitations.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        And that’s leaving out the numerous tweets and blog posts, since memory-holed by William, that doubled down on the defamation. Remember “GRACE’S LAW!”

        But he’s so much smarter than everybody else.

        How cold is Maryland in March, anyhow?

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      • Well, I’ll just spell it out right here:

        Hoge, go screw yourself.

        I don’t know how many times you have to be told this, but I’ll repeat it once more – you are not getting an apology or a retraction.

        You threaten legal action? Go ahead, file all the lawsuits you want. We’ll wait.


      • Pablo says:

        Are you claiming it’s the truth, Willie, or boldly standing by by your lies?

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      • MJ says:

        It’ll be interesting to see who Willie names the “sources” of the BU libel articles against Walker and Hoge under oath. Will he go to jail for contempt to protect Brett? Will he be willing to pay sanctions and have to sell his musical instruments, giving up his less than stellar career?

        Willy, your boss is desperate and scared. How long before you need to look for a real job so you can move out of your parent’s basement? I can imagine at some point, you will probably cower and run away before the heat gets too high.

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      • Lies? Never had to tell any.

        Tell you what – if Hoge feels his reputation has been sullied, that we’ve said anything about him that was false or untrue he can come at us, bro.

        Until then…


      • Paul Lemmen says:

        Ever the southern gentleman John!


  10. Techno Jinxx says:

    We’re gonna have to start calling Stinky Playstation after today aren’t we?


  11. Dr_Mike says:

    Sorry for any opening my comments about your (Uk D’s) temporary deletion of a post caused. They were factual, but I underestimated Stinky’s ability for hypocrisy. I never dreamed the guy with no posts more than two weeks old, who said “I don’t delete posts, I have Twitter do that automatically after two weeks(yes this is a paraphrase, not a direct quote)” and is on what, his 37th blog, with all others existing solely in the hands of his enemies, would be so stupid.


  12. onlooker says:

    I dislike his impertinent tone.


  13. It is SO CHARMING to watch as the little dancing poodles yap and try to distract and divert attention from the horrible, stupid, inexcusable OPSEC failure that led to Krendler being identified.


  14. It’s just a shame that an actual teacher is too dense to see how he’s being used in a lost effort. I’ll be around if you need someone to talk to, Dave. You already gave up the combination. May as well clear your soul the rest of the way.


  15. “You already gave up the combination. May as well clear your soul the rest of the way.” What could that possibly mean?

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      That he’s hip-deep into abottle of scotch before dinner.

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      he’s hoping you’ll give up other commentor’s RNs or their ISP numbers so he can track them down.

      Really Dave, you must’ve known by giving him any information, all you get in return is demands for more, which are then followed by threats to sue you if you don’t tell him what he wants to hear.
      doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not,

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  16. The CURE, Shakes.

    TAKE IT!

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  17. Techno Jinxx says:

    OH so as usual, Stinky, AKA Bill The Lying Liar Who LIES, is lying yet again.
    Color me shocked and surprised…

    no, not really. We all know if Stinky had any inkling who PK actually is he’d be broadcasting it all over the place.

    It’s gonna put him in the ground if he ever does find out though, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

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  18. Freedom Costs says:

    Lord have mercy, seems the idjit would just walk away from the internet. I have lurked for years around the stupidity of lonely bill. In the early days, of dong photos by Weiner, I almost felt sorry for him a few times as it seemed he didn’t have the intelligence to argue with his chosen enemies. Then he would post crap and it was oh yeah, he deserves what he gets and so much more. I don’t understand why he continues with all of this crap, seems that an adult would have learned to stop digging.

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    • viewfromnl says:

      I don’t really care that he’s too stupid to engage in a coherent argument. Even those as fucked in the head as Bill Schmalfeldt have the right to have an opinion and express it… but he doesn’t have the right to be a creepy stalking asshole.

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  20. onlooker says:

    I’m just reminded the beach house stove could use a hot hot clean cycle before we shut it down for the season.

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  21. viewfromnl says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt has asserted (for a FINAL time!) that he doesn’t drink.

    For some reason, an old story comes to mind…

    A company informs its employees that they are free to drink at lunch, just not vodka.

    Why? Because, when they came back from lunch, their clients couldn’t smell the vodka on their breath… And they’d rather they know the employee was drunk than think they were just stupid.

    Just a story, Bill. Apropos of nothing at all.


    Just like you issue “advice,” not “threats.”

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  22. LLC says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt: the man who doesn’t realize he’s been played even when several people point out he’s been played.


    And again.

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  23. wpdavidd says:

    “You think that was a threat? That was just advice. … A threat requires an intent to do something bad. I have expressed no such intent. Instead, quite the opposite, I have no intention whatsoever of suing you.”

    Wait. What? How is suing someone something bad?

    Unless it’s done just as a form of harassment; lawfare; SLAPPing….

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