Brett Kimberlin – The Facts (a continuing series)

This is the first in a planned series of posts- well, posters, actually- about one Brett Coleman Kimberlin, who is currently a resident of Bethesda, Maryland, and who would have you, these days, believe that he is just a simple family-oriented progressive activist living somewhere near the poverty line while he does his good works.  He feels so strongly about maintaining this image that he has sued numerous folks in the blogosphere for daring to say otherwise.  We’ve commented in this blog about this practice of “shutuppery” and we make no secret that we’re against it in general terms.  What Kimberlin has done, though, is taken shutuppery to a whole new level- even though his past is a perfectly legitimate topic for public discussion and condemnation (he is, after all, a notorious public figure, and largely so as a direct result of his own choices over the years) he has decided that it is off limits for us to talk about, and he will engage in relentless lawfare in pursuit of that end against those who would not accede to his way of seeing things.

Just as Kimberlin is entitled to now portray himself in whatever light he would choose, so are we completely free as a matter of educating and informing you as a matter of public interest about certain, dare we say, inconvenient truths about him and the life he has chosen to lead.  We have found the Internet, and in particular Google Images, to be a very powerful tool for leveling the playing field in the face of shutuppery.  With a little persistence on everyone’s part we can make sure that every time someone does a Google search for Kimberlin’s name, or for events and places associated with it, he or she will be presented with a fact about him taken from the public record and presented in a simple and straightforward format.

Like this.

We are not dealing with opinion here.  Oh sure, we think that Brett Kimberlin is a scumbag.  But that’s just our opinion, and who are we to throw that kind of stone?  And especially when the plain and indisputable facts about Kimberlin provide such a motherlode of rocks to toss in any event.

You’ll note that we just refer to “Sources” without citing more specific information, such as dates and page numbers.  That’s not because we’re lazy- we actually have looked pretty closely at all things Kimberlin over the past few months as we were preparing this series.  There’s just not sufficient room on our poster for all the specific cites, and we want to keep our message direct, straightforward and as uncluttered as possible.  We will tell you that there’s something in each of the sources we note that backs up what we assert as fact, and we encourage you to take a minute and go check out what each has to say as opposed to us spoon-feeding you.  Who knows, you might reach a different or more nuanced conclusion (but we think not).

We’ll run these posters at this blog every couple of days until we run out of material.  In other words, we’ll be in town all week and likely then some.  We don’t intend to write a lengthy post around each one, as- well, hey…what else is there to say?  What we do ask you to do, though, if you agree with the fact that the poster asserts, is to click on the poster.  Why, you ask?  Well, because each time you do this, through the magic of Google-fu, your click tells Google Images that you like what you are seeing and you want to see more of the same thing.  Sooner or later, as we have seen in the past, you won’t be able to look up “Brett Kimberlin” in Google without having one or more of our posters appearing among the top viewed.  We get, by the way, absolutely nothing out of this other than the satisfaction that goes with a job well-done.

We feel obliged to note, sadly, that if you are Brett Kimberlin and you are reading this or are looking at one of our posters on this blog, it is because you have decided to come here as a matter of your own choice and under your own power.  You could have instead clicked on any number of other fine websites that cater to, among others, pedophiles and drug pushers.  But no, you had to come here.  So understand- we are not seeking to communicate with you, Brett.  We are talking about you, and for the benefit of other people who are not you.  Also, please note that we are independent bloggers- we are part of no vast conspiracy (or even a small one) involving you.  Nobody is paying us money to do this.  Nobody is providing us information about you that is not part of the public record.  We’re just a couple of guys who resent you as a waste of air on this planet and who think that the public needs to know the facts about who and what you are.  Truth and justice will be our defenses if you sue us- what do you got, buckwheat, comparable to them?

So, help us get the good word out.  You see one of our Kimberlin posters?- click on it.  Hell, click twice or even three times.  Brett Kimberlin may not have gotten the measure of retributive justice over the years that he deserved, but that doesn’t mean that his crimes and offenses to decent society need to fade from our collective memories.

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7 Responses to Brett Kimberlin – The Facts (a continuing series)

  1. bkwatch1 says:

    When one cites “court records” as supporting evidence of Brett Kimberlin’s enormous unpaid debt to society, there’s one big problem to get over. The court records are exceptionally voluminous. That is why I recommend people to start with because it summarizes the issue of the bombings quite well.

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