Blognet Promotes an Interesting Theory

I follow an internet police procedural show called Blognet.  In this week’s episode Friday and his partner Smith discuss The Grouch.  He’s a fictional character who sent a letter and a picture to others, and then claimed to know precisely who put the picture on the internet:BlognetTitleCard

SMITH: OK, he’s claiming that the guy in Massachusetts has to be the source of the alleged leak of his copyrighted picture.

FRIDAY: Uh, huh.

SMITH: First of all, he sent the picture to at least 8 other people, and he sent it to them before he sent it to the woman in Massachusetts. Second, when he sent it to her, he sent it to a shared email account that can be accessed by multiple people.

FRIDAY: That means that he can’t prove the source of the leak.

SMITH: If there was a leak. There’s some evidence that he may have sent to other people as well.

FRIDAY: So you’re saying there’s no way that he can prove who did what.

SMITH: Or that he could have leaked it himself.

Now what kind of a guy would sent a sensitive picture to multiple people, then leak it himself?  That’s the weakest theory of all.  The guy would have to be:

  • begging for victim status
  • trying to trick his internet adversaries
  • devious
  • self serving
  • irrational
  • looking for a fight, any fight
  • devoid of self-respect
  • perhaps led by an even more evil mentor

As much as I love John Hoge’s writing, I have to express dismay over the fatal flaw in this week’s episode.  Such plot holes are just below his standards.  There’s just no way somebody walks the planet with those character flaws.  I’d love to hear from folks about this.  If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it.

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2 Responses to Blognet Promotes an Interesting Theory

  1. Pablo says:

    It’s FICTION, Dave. The Grouch doesn’t actually have to be nutshuffling around Wisconsin’s package stores.

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