I Stand With Kim Davis: Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints

Wendy Kim Davis is the Kentucky clerk who has put her Christian ideals above her job security:

From Camp of the Saints:

Kim Davis is not defying The Law, she’s resisting a mere decision, a court order [which is ‘abusive and outrageous’ in Mark Levin’s words] of The Supreme Court which is un-constitutional.

She is resisting the Tyranny of a national government that has overstepped it’s Powers.

She is not violating The Rule Of Law — the Supreme Court’s ‘same-sex marriage’ decision does because it usurps those powers reserved to The Sovereign People and/or the Several States.

Kim Davis has not violated her Oath Of Office.  In fact, her actions in this matter were taken so that she would not violate her oath to uphold the Constitutions of The United States and Kentucky.

Let me tell you, that every nerve must be strained to resist the British tyrant, who…is now summoning the powers of earth and hell to subjugate America. The lamp of liberty burns there and there only. He sees it, and is impatient even to madness to extinguish it. It is our duty, at all hazards, to prevent it.

—Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, 04 December 1776

David Harsany of Reason adds more:

Working for the government is not an inalienable right. So Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, was wrong to refuse same-sex couples marriage licenses in her office. If you’re unwilling to enforce the law, you shouldn’t be an officer of the state. After all, it’s not a clerk’s job to ascertain the constitutionality or practicality of a law. If it were, we’d have anarchy. There are hundreds of other vocations she is free to pursue if this one doesn’t suit her.

He then questions the jailing of

Kim Davis, and charges that a law is only sacred when it furthers liberal ideas. I wonder.  Is Kim Davis George Wallace or Rosa Parks? I guess it depends on who writes the history books?

I suggest folks rent the film Do You Believe? which the Alexander’s rented last night on Netflix.  One plot line has an EMT preaching to a man just before he dies.  I was conflicted about the scene, but later the character gives a stirring defense of his position.  The acting, directing and writing are excellent.  It is on par with “God’s Not Dead,” which was another excellent Christian film.  Same creative group.  Watch the film without watching the credits — and try to figure out what actor is portraying the character Joe.  A terrific performance from someone who was once known as a “bad boy.”

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2 Responses to I Stand With Kim Davis: Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints

  1. wpdavidd says:

    Wendy Davis or Kim Davis?

    I thought Wendy Davis was Texas’s Abortion Barbie.


    • I have repaired the post to your exacting standards. You are correct, sir. I would have used the internet standard of crossing out the error and adding the correct text, but I couldn’t find that tool. I do recall as I typed how odd it was that no one else had noticed that they had the exact same name! Both are democrats, I hear.


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