September 1, 1978 – The First Bombs Explode in Speedway

For those familiar with the Brett Kimberlin story, this first post of a planned series might seem light on new details.   While this has been a very public saga over the years, we hope to bring you some details that are usually ignored.  Stay tuned. – Dave

Speedway_Sign_against Blue_Sky_darkened_with_screws_BandW_1024x721

The first bombs went off in Speedway, Indiana, a small industrial city on the west side of Indianapolis where the Indy 500 runs every Memorial Day, on this date, September 1st, in 1978.

From the Wikipedia article “Brett Kimberlin”:

On September 1, 1978, there were three separate explosions from improvised explosive devices placed in trash bins around the town. The damage was minor, and no one was injured. Speedway authorities called on explosive experts from the Indiana State Police, Marion County Sheriff’s Department, 64th Ordnance from nearby Fort Benjamin Harrison and specialists from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. They formed a 100-strong taskforce to solve the case.

By September 6th there had been a total of eight seemingly random bombings.  According to police and prosecutors following an investigation, the bombs were made and planted by Brett Kimberlin, a 24 year old resident of Indianapolis who was known to be a drug trafficker. The authorities believed that Kimberlin planted the bombs to distract police from an ongoing investigation into the death of a woman named Julia Scyphers. There’ll be more about her here tomorrow.

Three persons were injured in the final bombing: Carl DeLong, his wife Sandra, and a third victim who was not identified.  We’ll have more to say about the DeLongs, and in particular Carl, on September 6th.

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If anyone knows who the third victim was, please contact us at this blog.

Extra Credit Reading:

International Business Times, The Blaze,, and

That last link is to the first of a two part series which included this graphic –>

That’s Carl Delong, noted above, who committed suicide as a result of the pain associated with his injuries. He found one of Brett Kimberlin’s bombs in a gym bag at a high school football game. It tore off his leg. Carl DeLong underwent nine operations in 7 months.

Delongs hurt

From Wicked Indianapolis

The story of how the police identified will come later this week on this blog.

From the Wikipedia “Speedway Bombings” article:

In June 1981 Kimberlin was convicted of receipt of explosives by a convicted felon and sentenced to five years in federal prison and, in December 1981, of possession of an unregistered destructive device, unlawful manufacturing of a destructive device, malicious damage by means of explosives, and malicious damage by means of explosives involving personal injury.

BK_Mug_shot_800x635We’re pretty sure that Kimberlin, in his own mind, thinks that he’s really 24601.  Valjean’s eyes, though, were not near so shifty.

After Carl DeLong’s suicide, an Indiana jury awarded his widow Sandra over a million dollars. Kimberlin then sued Sandra DeLong, because that’s what he does – sue people, and in particular those he’s wronged over the years.  More on the Delongs on September 6th, the anniversary of that event.  We’ll also take up Kimberlin’s litigious nature.

Here’s Brett Kimberlin circa today.

BK_Kaboom_800x800Heh!  Just kidding about the “KABOOM!!”  Well, maybe not.

Kimberlin hates his crimes and previous convictions being given publicity.  But he doesn’t just stop at wanting people to stop talking about his heinous past and all of the terrible things he has done over the years. He has sued bloggers John Hoge (“Hogewash”), Aaron Walker (“Allergic to Bull”), and others for nothing more than writing about him. Kimberlin claims that there is a cabal of internet bloggers who have conspired to present him in a false light.  He has even baselessly accused one blogger of physically assaulting him with an iPad. Kimberlin hates his past and previous convictions being given publicity.  He likes to whine:

In the United States, there is a presumption that once a person serves his sentence, and moves on to a legitimate lifestyle that the person should be able to go unmolested by other members of society. — Brett Kimberlin

Sorry, Brett. No. We believe that there is every reason to believe that Kimberlin’s lifestyle today is anything but legitimate, and we’ll have more to say about that here as well. Even if that was the case,  Kimberlin has neither served his sentence nor paid his debt to Sandra Delong. As far as going “unmolested,” is concerned, once someone is molested, they can’t be unmolested. It sticks with them. More on that later too.

Tomorrow: “Part II – It’s Not Just About the Bombs” There have been murders in Speedway, Indiana which have never resulted in the guilty being punished. At least one is directly linked to Brett Kimberlin.

Please Note:  As you know, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. This series of blog posts is written for the purpose of educating and informing the public about Brett Coleman Kimberlin, a public figure who has committed heinous crimes and done other despicable acts over the course of his lifetime.  The series is based upon media reports from the time of Kimberlin’s arrest and conviction for the Speedway Bombings, his authorized biography “Citizen K” by Mark Singer, his various prosecutions and convictions over the years, and the civil lawsuits he has been involved in, both as plaintiff and defendant. We’ve been as careful as possible to be accurate, but if there are errors, let us know (even you, Brett) and we’ll correct them promptly. When a fact is in question, we will cite sources, and link them when possible. – Dave Alexander and David Edgren

As noted, bloggers John Hoge and Aaron Walker have written extensively about Kimberlin.  So have Lee Stranahan and Robert Stacy McCain.

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4 Responses to September 1, 1978 – The First Bombs Explode in Speedway

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’m sure there are many people that don’t know the full extent of Brett Kimberlin’s evil deeds. What is even sadder is that there are people that are fully aware of how evil he is and still shill for him and promote him.

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    • bkwatch1 says:

      As I mentioned in one of my musings about Brett’s career as a criminal international smuggler, I don’t believe there should be laws prohibiting adults from taking drugs recreationally. Nevertheless, it’s an unwise and potentially tragic life choice. If you want evidence why, just look at the sad lineup of characters who have shilled for Brett and adhered to his commands.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Pablo says:

    You’re continuing a great public service tradition, guys. Kudos to you.

    Liked by 2 people

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