Many Thanks to Those Who Link the Good Guys



“Don’t look in the trunk, please don’t look in the trunk.”

Starting September 1st, a comprehensive series of posts on the Speedway Bombings and the aftermath.  

John Hoge always remembers to remember those who have linked his blog.  I’m sure he won’t mind me taking his list and adding a few.  was this site’s number one referrer last week. Thanks especially to those who comment here and visit daily.

Thanks to:

A Conservative Christian Man — And congratulations to Fr. Paul Lemmen

Allergic to Bull
Saber Point
The Camp of the Saints
The Other McCain
Thinking Man’s Zombie
Patterico’s Pontifications
Oobie on Everything
Conservative Hideout 2.0
Evi L Bloggerlady

Give these guys your support, drop me a line about other blogs you like, and think about writing for Dave Alexander & Company.  Yes, I just linked my own blog.  Hey, clicks are clicks.

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