Was Bill Schmalfeldt Really in Beirut? Krendler Says No.

Update Below 8/17/15 – 8:45 pm

The party starts at Krendler’s place.  So, what has Bill said about Beirut?

Here are the articles and tweets I have dug up or stolen from Zombies:

Don’t know the date on these tweets, but I’m sure it can be dug up:

Bill claims 1

bill claims 2

On Liberaland, August 22, 2014:

Time on the Ground with Marines

Intrepid Media, April 8, 2010I took part 

Honestly, I can’t judge the documents, or follow Krendler’s train of thought because I’m up to my neck in other real life things.  I’ll look soon.  It would seem that it is very well established that Bill claimed to be a part of Operation Fluid Drive. Link to Wiki.

Here’s a graphic that Krendler has which I can’t quite interpret:


Is Bill asking “where the F–ck does that come from?” because he does not understand where the rubble comment is coming from? Was he saying “Why are you saying I pulled people out of the rubble…?”Tiger Beat stripes1981-2260

I can’t tell.  But here we go again. I’ll post “his side” if he sends it to me.  Let’s try not to soil Dave’s nice, clean blog.  Stay focused on the facts.  He knows people figure he’s a….  He doesn’t need to hear it again.

I’d love to hear if anyone has found a more definitive account of his Beirut claims.  While my natural instinct is to doubt anything Bill Schmalfeldt says, this is a serious charge.

Bragging about military exploits if you were not there, is very bad stuff.  Knowing that his every move is under watchful Zombie eyes, and that people are seaching the internet for a way to slap him up….

Why the hell would he lie about something which was well documented by the military?

 (Update.  Fixed a typo.  Party starts at Krendler’s)

Bill’s response is at this link to the Wayback Machine.

Just a slice of it here:
Two of us were taken by chopper to the Portland. (Swimming not necessary) Aboard the Portland, we boarded the Mike Boat (as I believe they were called) and went into the harbor at Beirut. We loaded up evacuees as quickly as we could, and toted them back to the Coronado. How this turned into the official doctrine among idiots that I claimed to pull bodies out of the rubble is beyond me, but the heaviest action I saw that day was putting a field dressing on the knee of a pregnant woman who fell and skinned her knee.

So, in his usual fashion, the blogger here has assembled facts, failed to understand them, and created a false narrative based on proven facts.

There is nothing in the paperwork to disprove what I say happened.

That is all.
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77 Responses to Was Bill Schmalfeldt Really in Beirut? Krendler Says No.

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Why the hell would he lie about something which was well documented by the military?

    {voice = Hal 2000} I’m sorry Dave; I don’t understand. It seems that question answers itself. I can feel my mind slipping, Dave. Would you like to hear a song?{/voice}

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    • Jeanette Victoria says:

      My orginal stalker the phony Rev Sutter didn’t even get out of A school yet claimed he was a seal. I did a FOIA on him and incredibly he claimed I fourged thedocumeeent I posted online. Folks denial is very powerful

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  2. A.B. says:

    “Why the hell would he lie about something which was well documented by the military?”

    What we should remember that only until the last year or so was there an effort to begin verifying all of Bill’s claims through official channels.

    However there is also the matter of Stolen Valor psychology — many of the people who are busted for SV have been making claims for years and years BEFORE it was easy to verify those claims through the internet or FOIA. Many people busted for SV have only been busted recently because verifying their information has become so much easier. That is the case with Bill’s claims — the ones he was making were not jiving with how the military works — such as the award periods for the National Defense Service Medal or how Operation FLUID DRIVE actually went down.

    Consider this though:

    The National Personnel Records Center contains the archive of all discharged members military records. The NPRC has held Bill’s records since 1977 and 1985 respectively in their archives. Bill has claimed he was awarded a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and Humanitarian Service Medal for Operation FLUID DRIVE in addition to a National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal.

    When NPRC was queried with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they could ONLY find proof of the National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medals and NOTHING else. So if Bill was present for Operation FLUID DRIVE why are those awards not in his archived records which have sat untouched by Knotsie hands for 38 years? Mind you that his awards are listed in THREE separate parts of the record — on a NAVPERS 1070/604 in typed chronological order of award, with a copy of each award orders or certificate in the record and finally listed on the DD 214 which is filed with the record when archived.

    Are we to believe that THREE separate possible locations in the records under archive listing these awards are missing and unable to be located under a FOIA? And yet NPRC managed to find and verify his NDSM and GCM’s but not the other awards — either in chronological order or on his DD 214?

    Doesn’t Occam’s Razor mean we should infer these awards are missing because Bill was never awarded them in the first place?


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    • gmhowell says:

      Can we impute? We haven’t had a good imputing in a while.

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    • That all makes logical sense. Rephrasing so I can understand this, #1: Bill is wearing in photos from his second enlistment a ribbon or two he was never entitled to? #2: Bill has claimed in recent years that he went on an historic mission in that first enlistment period, but he served on the wrong ship, so it is unlikely that he is telling the truth? #3: Bill is now adding more detail to his account, trying to cover the lie?

      Occam’s Razor yes. In the absence of evidence to prove he was there, this looks bad. There is a #4, but I’ll save it for a post.


      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        There were claims by Krendler’s Komedy Krewe saying that I claimed to pull bodies from the rubble of blown-up buildings. The only thing I did in Beirut was put a bandage on a woman’s knee. The records prove I was part of the unit that went to Beirut. My story gives the details. Who knows more about the details, this Krendler clown who wrote the ending to the story and then hammered the facts into shape in a pale and failed attempt to make them fit the narrative? Or the guy who was actually there? The burden of proof is on the accuser. Prove I was not with the unit that evacuated the American Embassy in Beirut in July 1976. You will not, because you cannot.


      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        Thanks for providing me with an opportunity to respond to these scurrilous lies being spread by “Krendler.” What the “Thinking Man’s Zombie” has done is spend a lot of money to get FOIA access to documents that, really, are none of his business. But he has that right as a citizen. He also has the right to be incorrect in his conclusions. But he does not have the right to claim that I’m guilty of “Stolen Valor” when the documents he provided on his website prove every word I wrote about my time in Lebanon.

        My only mistake in this was “misremembering” the unit ID. It was 40 years ago. I claimed that I was a part of HQ, 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit. Close. But not quite correct. I was part of HQ COMPANY in the Logistics Support Unit-32 for the 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit on board the USS Coronado, temporary assigned duty from my billet in B Company, Second Medical Bn., 2nd Marine Division (later part of Fleet Marine Force) in Camp Lejeune, NC.

        “Krendler” gathered all the parts to a John Deere Tractor and assembled a Go Kart. The documents are correct. His understanding of them are not.

        It’s hard to explain to someone with no concept of life in the military about the way things work. I was one of several corpsmen assigned TDY from 2nd Med Bn. to this particular “Med Cruise” as we called them. There were other ships in our team… The USS Iwo Jima (a helicopter carrier), the USS Newport (don’t recall their designation), the USS Portland which had a large landing craft in it’s vehicle bay, and the Coronado which carried the flag for the commanders, Navy and Marine, of the expedition.

        I find it hard to believe that “Krendler” thinks the only way to get from one ship to another was by swimming. We had liberty boats and larger so-called “Mike Boats” on the Coronado. We also had a chopper pad. I used to take a chopper or one of the aforementioned boats to the Iwo Jima (where most of the LSU-32 corpsmen and Marines were stationed) to get medical supplies as needed while we were underway. Our unit had two corpsmen aboard the Coronado, myself and my best friend, who I will not drag into this dishonorable discussion lest he be harassed as well. I was an E-4. He was an E-5. We held daily sick bay for our Marines and helped the ship’s sick bay corpsmen as needed.

        We sat off the southern end of the Greek island of Kithira for weeks, in anchorage, with a Soviet destroyer in the middle of our formation keeping an ear on us. (The skipper invited the crew to come over and celebrate the bicentennial with us. They declined.) But we were on point, within a 48 hour sail of Beirut.

        When it was decided that one of the big landing craft from the Portland would go ashore in Beirut and bring the evacuees back to the Coronado, in the interest of keeping things simple, they sent a corpsman from the LSU on the Portland and me, from the Coronado. The most violence I witnessed all day was a pregnant woman, slipping, falling, skinning her knee. I put a field bandage on it. We got the evacuees back aboard the Coronado and for the next three days, I think, it was like a big block party. My pal, who I will call Smitty, and I made friends with a professor from the American University in Beirut and his family. We dropped them off, not directly in Athens as the newspapers state, but in the port city of Piraeus. We hoped to get liberty, but the Greek government would not allow American sailors to come ashore as we had not taken sides in their squabble with Turkey over the island of Cyprus.

        So, we offloaded the civilians and went to Taormina, Sicily.

        There is nothing in the documents “Krendler” posted that disproves what I’ve claimed. And yes, I did once see a Marine get his head knocked off by a chopper blade. (Guess who had to pick up the pieces!) I have seen much gore and carnage, but none as a result of war. Accidents, that sort of thing, working in Emergency Rooms at Camp Lejeune and as an EMT, i saw plenty. I left the unit while we were moored in Rota, Spain, on Oct. 1, 1976, flew in a C-130 back to the states to have my very first knee surgery in November 1976. When President Ford authorized the award in 1977, we had a small presentation ceremony where all the Marines and Corpsmen who were assigned to the MAU were given their decorations.

        I had a national defense medal, a sea service deployment ribbon (there’s no medal, just a ribbon) for serving my mandatory sea duty in my first hitch as a Field Medical Service Technician (NEC 8404) in a Marine unit. I earned it again in my second hitch by being stationed aboard USS Midway as a forward deployed unit, homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. I also received a Navy Meritorious Unit Award for service provided by the Midway to the people of the Philippines after a typhoon in the fall on 1984.

        Unlike a journalist, what “Krendler” did was come up with a conclusion, spent god knows how much for mailing and copying, and then hammered these square pegs into round holes in a feeble, transparent attempt to bolster his libelous story about me and “stolen valor.” I never claimed any special sort of valor — at least no more than any other American who puts on the uniform of his country.

        What “Krendler” and his supporters are doing is purposeful lying to trash my honorable service in the United States Navy. And, as the accuser, he needs to prove that I did NOT do the things I said I did. He has failed to do so.

        Not that I expect it to matter to people who still believe the discredited fable about my having onstage sex with a transsexual. You will believe what you want to believe.

        But by all means, go ahead and inform the “Stolen Valor” people. They will understand.

        So, why weren’t my other awards mentioned on my final DD-214? Because I was being discharged, my girlfriend and her father were waiting in the car, and I was handed a DD-214 that did not include the medals, other than National Defense and both Good Conduct. I told the Personnelman behind the counter and he said he could issue a revised document in a week or two.

        As I ever thought that I would have to defend myself against lies told by Chicken Hawks, and since they were unit awards, not individual awards, I said “never mind.” They gave me a check for $29,000 (or something like that) and at midnight on Oct. 5, 1985, I was honorably discharged with a 10 percent service-connected disability.

        That is the truth. If you don’t like it, or don’t believe it?

        Too bad.

        Again, Dave, thank you.


      • popcornseller says:

        Key quote from The Blob for today’s self-awareness fail:
        “The burden of proof is on the accuser.”

        I think the Stranahan’s and several others would like him to apply that “rule” upon himself. Can we at least safely assume that rule will be used on a go forward basis? Oh yeah, I forgot. We’re talking about BS, so the answer is of course not.

        Two more observations:

        1. “What the “Thinking Man’s Zombie” has done is spend a lot of money to get FOIA access to documents that, really, are none of his business. But he has that right as a citizen.”

        “None of his business” and “he has the right” in back to back sentences. Wow.

        2. “The only thing I did in Beirut was put a bandage on a woman’s knee.”
        Probably done after she got aboard the USS Coronado – not on the beach in Beirut.

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      • The word that is missing, where Bullshit Billy talks about what he earned and what he’s entitled to, is “awarded”.
        Guess those who do the awarding didn’t get the memo about the earning and the entitlements.

        The decapitation by helicopter story is also a lie.


      • It’s interesting that BS seems to assume that no one who reads and comments here or at TMZ has any knowledge of how the military works.

        I guess no one else has ever been a member of the military, or a member of a military family, or even just studied the military.

        Dang, but that man is special!

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  3. A.B. says:

    What is most interesting is that ONLY after the official facts came out in these posts about how Operation FLUID DRIVE was run does Bill’s story change to try and meet those new facts.

    For example, he claimed he was in Headquarters (HQ) 32nd MAU which then shifted to HQ LSU 32 which then shifted to what his records indicate LSU 32 Det-C (Detachment – C). As the facts came out the story shifted to try and fit them to the facts.

    As another example Bill never once in all these YEARS of claiming he went ashore at Beirut mentions being choppered to the USS Portland and then going ashore from there and then back to the USS Coronado. However when it was shown in the naval history that was how the operation was conducted we ONLY NOW get the story of him being choppered over to the USS Portland — again trying to fit his story to the historical facts.

    However facts which have come to light that Bill also fails to provide sufficient answer to include:

    1. National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) showed they have no record of awards for EITHER a Humanitarian Service Medal OR a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon from ANY of his enlistments (and no record for his most recent claiming of a 5th award, a Meritorious Unit Commendation).

    2. Bill has shifted his story to being “entitled” to a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon for being forward deployed in Japan on his second enlistment but it (or a SSDR from his first enlistment, i.e. 1976 depoyment) still makes no appearance on the NPRC FOIA or his DD 214.

    3. Awards from his first enlistment (National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal 1st Award) were transcribed onto his second enlistments DD 214 — what was the source document for the transcription? It would have to be his first enlistments DD 214 and if it was that document any other additional awards it contained would have been transcribed along with the NDSM and GCM. However, conveniently Bill no longer has a copy of this DD 214 so we can all go pound sand.

    4. The burden of proof is on Bill to show he WAS awarded these awards and that they are in his records. His DD 214 indicates that he cannot meet that burden of proof, his shifting story to try and meet the revealed historical facts shows he cannot meet that burden of proof, and his inability to address those concerns (by studiously ignoring them) of WHY the NPRC (who have had custody of his records for 38 years) cannot find the proof in his records is the strongest indication that those awards do not exist.


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    • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

      I don’t have to prove a G-D thing to you or to anyone else, leaker. I know where I was. I know what I did. Good enough for me. Prove I’m lying or stfu.


      • Paul Krendler says:

        But DUMBFUCK…

        That’s what I just did.

        So I guess I won’t be shutting the fuck up anytime soon.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        All you did was post documents and misinterpret them. You wrote the end of the story, and took the facts, misrepresented what they meant, and came to an intentionally incorrect conclusion. All you proved is that I got the name of a unit I served with 40 years ago wrong. And no, I don’t suppose you will be shutting up soon. You’re neither smart enough or clever enough. You’ll keep bumbling along until you put your own neck in the noose.


      • Paul Krendler says:

        So basically you’re saying I did the same thing that a 30 years experienced investigative journalist like you does, except with documentation rather than rumor, innuendo and anonymous liars for sources?

        Okay. I’m perfectly good with that.

        Remember DUMBFUCK (and how I do love the fact that every time that sobriquet hits the water you jump like a fucking trout), I HAVE THE DOCUMENTATION.

        Prove me wrong and I’ll retract. Just like you.

        And you have to meet MY STANDARD OF PROOF.

        Until you do, I’ll just have to assume the story is true.

        JUST LIKE YOU.

        YOUR GAME.
        YOUR RULES.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        God, are YOU the insecure little darling baby girl. Assume yourself inside out. I don’t care. And yes, you are a much better liar than I ever was.


      • Paul Krendler says:



      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        You claim to be better than me in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY A PERSON CAN POSSIBLY BE BETTER FOR SOMEONE (huff puff huff), and you don’t know what “was” means? What an insecure, man child you are. Is this you, paying back your wife for being mean to you, for giving you an anchor instead of a son? For cheating you from your destiny as a captain of WALL STREET? You are a sad, pathetic little man. Begone.


      • Paul Krendler says:

        Oh, DUMBFUCK… I know what the word “was” means.

        I was questioning your usage of it.

        When you say “You are a much better liar than I ever was,” (and I am) are you not implying that you are no longer a liar?

        Is this not a lie?

        And as for being “Begone?”

        I believe the terms are already set.

        “Make up whatever shit you care to make up,” you said.

        “Believe whatever you want to believe,” you said.

        “I. Do. Not. Care!!” you said.


        “And now the ultimate punishment,” you said.

        “You may continue to rage against me,” you said.

        “But I’ll never see it,” you said.

        “I cast you out.” you said.

        To the cornfield, with the trolls?


        Your pants are burning. Liar.

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      • Paul Krendler says:

        Oh, and…

        “You claim to be better than me in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY A PERSON CAN POSSIBLY BE BETTER FOR SOMEONE”

        Yup. Sure do. And now it’s up to you to prove I’m not.

        YOUR GAME.
        YOUR RULES.

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  4. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    I would like to know how much money you spent to come up with records which prove I was in Beirut on the date I said I was. And I would also like to know what is your personal investment in disproving the easily proven fact that I was where I said I was. I’ve explained all I am going to explain. And frankly, I chuckle at the thought of the cash you must have blown on this wild goose chase.

    Yeah. Call the stolen valor people. Give them my e-mail address. I’ll tell my story to people who understand that before computers, when everything was typed by hand, mistakes were made by military personnel clerks and I didn’t want to sit and wait another couple weeks so I could prove to chicken hawks that I earned the decorations I wore. And, Sweet Jesus. It’s not like I’m claiming an individual award that will make me into some kind of hero. I claim, and earned, three group awards. Get over it.

    Now, has anyone seen my Congressional Medal of Honor? I thought I left it here somewhere.

    Eh, never mind. I have five more in the sock drawer.


  5. A.B. says:

    “In the example you posted, it states I was attached to LSU 32, and right after that, it says 32nd MAU. You know who else was attached to LSU 32? The CO of the MAU, Major (I forgot his first name) Wischmeyer. So the single discrepancy is, over the passage of time, I referred to it as HQ when I should have referred to it as LSU.”

    A Marine Amphibious Unit (such as 32nd MAU) in 1976 was commanded by a Colonel (O-6), you jackass.

    A Major (O-4) serves as the executive officer of a BATTALION such as 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment (Battalion Landing Team 3/2).

    The BATTALION is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel (O-5).

    But please… *hands you a shovel* do go on.

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  6. BusPassOffice says:


    If you continue and this is a lie – do you really want this? You made a mess out of your life, but don’t dishonor those very few sailors that went ashore, the MAU had several dozen corpsmen and I don’t think any young sailors would have been picked for such a duty.

    IF anyone of us was your age and we were all corpsmen on the ship there is no way a non combat unit corpsman would have been assigned to go ashore, no shame in it. But just leave it Bill. End it.

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  7. JeffM says:

    Now let me see if I have this straight. Back in the day, Witless Willie signed off that the official paperwork (which did not show him getting some ribbons) was true and complete, but now he says that official attestation was knowingly false. So if I am understanding the situation correctly, either he lied then, or he is lying now? Am I on the right page?

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    • Pablo says:

      Well, sure, because he had two people waiting outside in the car while he was waiting for the Navy to outprocess him!

      You can be sure that that is the sort of thing is that gets done in 15 minutes or so. If there’s anything the US Armed Forces are known for its their administrative speed and efficiency.

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  8. Techno Jinxx says:

    Just answer this one question bill, Are you denying the tweet from WMS broadcasting which claims that you pulled bodies from the rubble (that is shown in the original post by krendler) was tweeted by you?

    Just because you have deleted something, doesn’t mean it was never stated by you, in the first place.

    Lying liars gotta lie I guess,

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    • And I questioned that here, too. Is he quoting someone who already said that? In other words, “where did you get the idea that I was pulling bodies out of the rubble?” That is one possible interpretation of that tweet.

      The tweet in question is above this discussion, boxed in with red. This might actually be an example of where “more context” would be better. Of course, Bill has deleted all of his old tweets and blog posts, so we might never know. Spoliation cut both ways.


      • I definitely recall that Bill had posted some comment about pulling bodies out of the rubble in Beirut elsewhere, probably one of his many attempts at oneupmanship. He’d been called on it, and that tweet was part of his response. I have no idea why I used it in that comment except that he’d probably already deleted the original.

        I *can* promise that no Lickspittle made that bit up. We were simply quoting Biwwy’s own words.

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    • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

      I was quoting someone who said that. Here is the entire quote from Krendler’s own blog. I put a period instead of a question mark, but this is what that tweet said.

      I was with the HQ Unit of the 32nd MAU onboard the USS Coronado. Pulling bodies out of the rubble. (?) Where the fuck does THAT come from.”

      If you have a working frontal cortex, you realize the only way that statement even makes sense is to realize that I placed a period where a question mark should have been used.

      There’s a larger issue here, though.

      There’s this need among this group to shit on everything I’ve done. I was friends with Brett Kimberlin. Therefore, I am evil by your reckoning. No sane person could see his side of the story, so that means I am crazy. I wrote books. But since I am evil, it is perfectly fine to write false reviews and claim that I am a terrible writer. I produced and sold audio books and comedy CDs. But since I am evil, it is perfectly acceptable to claim that they were terrible, my comedy is illegal, because I am evil. I was one of the only 15 people in the United States to have an experimental surgery testing whether or not Deep Brain Stimulation could be survived by people in the earlier stages of Parkinson’s disease. You ignore all the study papers available on the net about this clinical trial and claim, since I am evil, it was no big deal volunteering for brain surgery and I should get no credit for it since I am evil. And because I am evil, it is perfectly acceptable to denigrate the memory of my wife, who would have been 62-years old today, because she loved me, and therefore must be a stupid evil whore because I am evil.

      Everything I claim as an accomplishment, you shit on. It doesn’t change a thing. I still accomplished them.

      Even the things that went wrong were all my fault. My second wife didn’t cheat on me like she cheated on everyone before me and since me because she has mental issues. She cheated on me because I wasn’t man enough to satisfy her. Because I’m evil.

      Therefore, it doesn’t matter what I say or what I do, which is why I dropped the lawsuit. You’ve declared me evil and unworthy of the courtesy shown by decent human beings to others. You shit on everything I do, make up stuff I didn’t do, and shit on that as well.

      All of this, coming from a mentally unstable, self-admitted bipolar sociopath who blames his wife for not letting him spread his wings and fly, blames his son for being born with spina bifida, blames everyone but himself for the complete and utter failure his life has been.

      I’ve dealt with some reasonable folks. The owner of this blog, for instance. Oh, he’s fully invested in the Bill is Evil meme, but at least he has the moral fortitude to allow me to tell my side of the story. Unlike Grady. Unlike Hoge. They want to insult, mock, defame and shit on everything and pay no consequences.

      I leave you to your lives. Find a new way to misspend them. You will not find me. I will blog under a different name, I will do my Internet radio under a different account, I will vanish from Twitter and Facebook.

      I will be living among friends and family — people who know the real me. And in the end, all the lies, all the defamation, all the pain you have caused me… it will come to nothing.

      Your lies can’t change the past. I actually hope you follow through on your threat to contact the “Stolen Valor” people so I can explain how all of this is just a hit piece by anonymous chicken hawks who created a narrative that had a specific end, and then went hunting for supporting documentation AND FOUND NONE, other than I didn’t remember the correct name of a unit I served with 40 years ago, and that I didn’t want to delay my discharge for two weeks to get a corrected DD-214 just to reflect non-individual awards that I never thought I would ever have to defend to a pack of jackals with no military experience who want nothing more than to shit on everything I’ve done.

      The shit washes off. The accomplishment remains. And when I stop responding, as I will with this long comment, you cease to exist in my life. You become a bunch of gossipy old women peddling false stories to justify your inexplicable hatred of someone who has done you no harm whatsoever.

      Deal with it.


      • BusPassOffice says:


        I have pictures of the series of tweets from you including the pictures you posted of your “diary” – if I remember correctly, you had the day wrong, the week wrong, the wrong ship and a lot of other details. I didn’t expect anyone to remember where they were on any day a year ago much less decades ago so whether you were jo smo or Bill Schmalfeldt, anyone would be wary of such a detailed claim.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        I have the pictures, too. You remember incorrectly. But you are a dolt, so it doesn’t matter.


      • As a veteran, no I don’t fucking believe you. I don’t believe your feet hit the beach in Lebanon. I don’t believe you ever set foot on a dock in Beirut harbor. I don’t believe you were on the Mike boat that performed the evacuation. I don’t believe anyone would have choppered your sloppy ass over to the Portland when there were already other corpsmen on board. I don’t even believe you were on the Coronado, in the Med, because if you were, you wouldn’t have told eight different versions of this story you heard at Lejeune, as if it really happened to you.

        I know Bullshit when I smell it, chubs.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:



      • popcornseller says:

        So says the creature who also said that after his long comment above we cease to exist in his life. If we cease to exist to you, why are you here? why do you keep replying to our comments? Huh? Huh?

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        Grow up. child.


      • BPO: I remember those photos, which included an impossible date.


      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        My mistake was thinking I was dealing with human beings. I should have known better.


      • popcornseller says:

        Your mistake was believing you could think. And yes, you should have known better, but you can’t think, so obviously you couldn’t have.

        Above I asked why are you here if, according to you, we cease to exist. A reasonable question. Your answer was “Grow up. child.” Really? ONLY A CHILD – LIKE YOU – would continue to speak with people he believes do not exist. Kind of like looking at “mammatus” clouds and thinking they’re a message from a dear departed.

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  9. Grace says:

    Jeez, people! His girlfriend was waiting in the car!

    Beirut Bill wrote: “So, why weren’t my other awards mentioned on my final DD-214? Because I was being discharged, my girlfriend and her father were waiting in the car, and I was handed a DD-214 that did not include the medals… ”

    Accurate DD-214? Military service medals and ribbons? *PFFT*

    There are acrylic awards from a huge, federal-government bureaucracy to pose with and brag about…

    Liked by 5 people

  10. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    Grace forgot the part about how getting a corrected DD-214 meant two more weeks of sitting and waiting. I misspoke about “girlfriend.” I do that sometimes. It was my second wife, the very pregnant Janina Prado. And Grace also forgot to mention that I never in my wildest imagination thought I would have to defend to a bunch of anonymous cowards what are, in the scheme of things, minor unit awards. The awards I am holding in the photo, which Grace probably looks at every day, WERE individual awards.

    See, it’s like I said. Grace and the others just want to shit on my accomplishments. The shit washes off. The accomplishments remain.

    And Grace, for you? I wish a long, painful, lonely life at the end of which you die in agony from some sort of cancer that causes intractable pain that drugs can’t touch. You have been particularly hateful. I’ve done NOTHING to you. And you have been nothing but a disgrace to humanity.

    You’d be well served to stay anonymous.


  11. Grace says:

    “You’d be well served to stay anonymous.”

    Or, what?

    More impotent threats from Mr. Impotent. *yawn*

    “I’ve done NOTHING to you.”

    I happen to recall something about someone attempting to sue me for half a million dollars.


    Liked by 4 people

    • agiledog says:

      Grace, don’t forget that in Bill’s Amended Complaint, he said (and I quote): “The defamation of the defendants is per se in nature.” Bill is admitting, in his own court filing, to committing defamation of the defendants. Now, I wonder if that could come back to bite him in his ample ass?

      Liked by 3 people

    • Avenger Watcher says:

      I happen to recall something about someone attempting to sue me for half a million dollars.

      And still is until one of the MTD is ruled on.

      I’d take that and the prior threat (better remain anonymous) and go to your local authorities.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Gus Bailey says:

      You mis-spelled Meeeeeeeelion.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Grace says:

    Beirut Bill: I misspoke about “girlfriend.”


    *dig dig dig*

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Neal N. Bob says:

    Can I be the only one who loves that the Lion of Lebanon is openly talking about a fifth lulzsuit before successfully running away from his fifth?

    That really tells you everything that you need to know about the man.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Neal N. Bob says:

      That should read “sixth lulzsuit.”

      To quote Rick Perry, “Oops.”

      Liked by 4 people

    • Grace says:

      I know, right?! And, what butthurt bullshit could he possibly come up with the next time he decides to file a doomed lulzsuit against me?

      “You’d be well served to stay anonymous.”

      The “excellent” friend of the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin says what?

      Liked by 2 people

  14. I hate to say this, but BS did indeed start the “I pulled bodies from the rubble”. That tweet was an attempt to walk it back after people called him on it. I also recall he had the wrong date when he first posted about it too, although he claimed that he was quoting directly from his diaries of the time.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Avenger Watcher says:

    “Why the hell would he lie about something which was well documented by the military?”

    The most logical reason why he’s upset – if he used those in his application(s) to the Federal Government, (which we know he claimed preferences and service-related-disability) he could be on the hook for a lot of penalties, loss of benefits, and (unlikely, but possible), criminal prosecution.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. I seem to recall, with reference to the DBS surgery, that it wasn’t to see if folks in earlier stages of PD could survive the surgery, but to see whether they would receive any benefits to starting the treatment earlier on in the disease process. Since the surgery was already a standard for those in the later stages, I would assume that the medical community had already figured out how to get their patients to survive the procedure.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Neal N. Bob says:

    Pssst! I don’t think William is having a good week.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. rt895 says:

    Speaking from my experience Krendler should check the unit awards for the ships Bill was assigned to, there may be some truth to his claim. Long after discharge I found out my boat was awarded a MUC and a NEM for the deployment I was part of. The award was completed after I was discharged so it isn’t on my DD214 but I still consider them my awards too.


    • If you had occasion to wear the uniform, would you wear those ribbons? I don’t think you’d be entitled to, unless you ‘found out’ via an official communication to you, that are entitled to do so.


  19. lorddewclaw says:

    That’s part of the problem, RT. He is claiming temp assignments to the ships in question…. and he was wearing THREE ribbons not on his DD-214 LONG before he got out. His story surrounding this has been “misremembered” and mutated as various facts about Operation Fluid Drive have been pointed out. It just doesn’t pass the smell test, shipmate.

    Liked by 3 people

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