Exaggeration as Environmentalism

Sadly, environmental activists exaggerate a million times more than folks who are not environmental activists. –Dave

Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us. — Bill Nye

This map appears on Grist, an environmental website which is actually quite well done. I disagree with a lot of things I read, but it is usually pretty intelligent stuff. Not so, today. Today they show this “terrifying map” of wildfires and encourage readers to zoom in.   My first picture is how the map looks initially in the article.

Mourn, my friends for regular reader D. Edgren, who apparently has been consumed by flames, along with the entire state of Alaska.


Okay. Just Kidding. When you zoom into Alaska, you immediately see that the entire state is not on fire. It has been a terrible year for fires, but wildfires not near property or people usually are left to burn in Alaska. The west is in a drought, and dry conditions lead to wildfires.
Remember of course that every natural phenomenon including floods, droughts, hurricanes and even earthquakes have been “tied” to Global Climate Change.


The letter “E” is almost gone!

Back to the animated map. Drag it to New Mexico and scroll in, until you see a wildfire covering the “E” in New. The fire looks huge. It covers less than 700 acres. A big fire, but Arizona is almost 73 million acres in size.

Remind yourself that sometimes environmentalists exaggerate, and they misuse visuals to make their point.  Those little fire icons seem to be the same size — no matter how much I zoom in.

I first saw this in Lake Placid, New York. I was a reporter up there when some environmental group complained that the intrusion of man has started to destroy the scenic vistas. In 1991 an environmental conservation group published a special report on the loss of scenic vistas. The Adirondack Park is a 6 million acre patchwork of public and private lands with towns and highways. The Adirondack Council is just one of many groups lobbying greater government control over private land.

If you wanted to study the collusion between environmental NGOs and official government entities you could learn a lot studying the Adirondacks.

Here’s a picture from the 1991 report, Courtesy of the Adirondack Council:

Viking Lake Placid Adirondack Council 1991

Wow. That Viking is certainly blocking the view to Whiteface Mountain, right?
Guess again. In order to take that picture from that angle, you’d have to be on private property far off the road. Yes the Viking is sort of out of place in the mountains, but he was in town, in a mini-golf course if my memory is correct.

The view behind him is actually pretty dull in real life, from the road. According to roadsideamerica.com, he’s no longer there. He was a victim of economics, not environmentalists.
Sadly, environmental activists exaggerate a million times more than folks who are not environmental activists. The rest of us have to try to win an argument without exaggerating our data. Yes, I’m talking to you, Man-Made Climate Guys.
The Grist fire post ends, as most environmentalist stuff does: With a slap at regular folks.  I’ll let them have the last snark:

Better grab your face mask, West Coast: You’re on fire. Don’t worry about Florida, however — that’s just what happens when you mix hairspray and Pall Malls.

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3 Responses to Exaggeration as Environmentalism

  1. D. Edgren says:

    Eeeeeeek. I’m melting! Melting!


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Sadly, environmental activists exaggerate a million times more than folks who are not environmental activists. –Dave

    Setting the bar?


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