Please Don’t Offend the Muslims!

offending muslimsW. Scott Lamb in the Washington Post:

It is time to start speaking the truth and doing so plainly. What we’re witnessing is genocide…

While the U.S. and her allies work on drafting what they want to say and how they want to say it so as not to offend anyone, ISIS continues to spew and spread its murderous ideology around the globe — on free-speech platforms created and launched by Americans.

I had a young colleague who asked “If we have the bomb, why can’t the Iranians?”  The non-nuanced answer of course is “Because they want to kill you.”

If we are to judge people by the content of their character, and their actions are the best window to their character, then Iran should be banned from the bomb.

You know what offends me?  Planes full of people flown into buildings.  Entire regions emptied of their Christian communities.  Cutting the heads off people who are not “Islamic enough.”  Forcing women to cover up.  Raping and killing those who don’t.  It offends me that the American administration kicks the can down the road so the next president will have to deal with this massive military and refugee crisis.  It offends me that antisemitism is back in style, and the Islamic bomb is just years away.

I’m offended that western civilizationWhite House Photo is threatened by two-bit tyrants and thugs. And the weakling at Pennsylvania Avenue just waits for retirement.

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3 Responses to Please Don’t Offend the Muslims!

  1. D. Edgren says:

    In a different blog, long ago and far away, I predicted that Islam would not get it until we were bulldozing their dead into windrows. Nothing that has happened in the past decade or so has served to disabuse me of that notion.

    I’m sorry if I’ve consigned anyone to the fainting couch, but that was what it took to win World War II. So get over it.


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