Are Progressives Evil? Did I Say That?

From Billy Sez last night, a partial transcript of a Bill Schmalfeldt podcast:

 11:48 How does a person fight that? Well, I do have friends but they find this whole mess so disgusting they want nothing to do with it. As a result I don’t have the social network or call circle or email chain that the acolytes have. I don’t have a ready, rapid response team to counter the lies that are told before they become approved by doctrine and attached to the liturgy. Nor do I see an ability to form such a rapid response team as necessary, or as useful for that matter. It’s a liberal thing. We progressives are not subject to hive mind groupthink. Call it silly, but we prefer to ground ourselves in reality, believing things that can be proven true and not believing things that can be proven false. But someone heard that someone said and tells that to dozens of other like-minded people, already predisposed toward hating me, there’s, well, there’s just no fighting that. That’s why there’s never been a successful liberal talk radio format. Progressives, unlike conservatives, do not get their marching orders from the media. We sort through the facts and the issues and we make up our own mind about the fact or falsity or mixture thereof in a story. Conservatives pride themselves in their lockstep conformity with whatever their cause happens to be: God, gays, guns, and Old Glory. Don’t try to rationalize; their minds are made up.

Billy Sez 7-28 Moral Superiority 2

And then Bill:

Billy Sez 7-28 Moral Superiority 1

I did list a few standards of liberalism/progressivism, then said “At least Stalin knew he was evil.”  I’ll explain that in a minute.

I think most non-progressives get what I’m talking about.  I actually didn’t mean just Bill, but most all progressives.  Almost everything I read by progressives, and about progressives points to Bill being 180 degrees wrong about the two philosophies.

Progressives take certain “facts” to be canon:

1) People should be able to avoid contact with things which upset them.  Prayers at football games, the word “honey.”  The state or college must step in to prevent or punish  microaggressions.

2) Free health care and housing are a right.  (Rich people pay for their right, but poor people just get it.  It’s a right unlike any other right.)

3) Women earn less than men because of discrimination by men. (There are absolutely no alternative theories, and we’re not looking for any.  All Wymon’s Studies post-grads agree.)


A progressive.

4) Republicans and conservatives would pollute the water, air and land if given a chance, just to make money.

5) The War of Poverty has been such a great success that we should continue to do the same stuff for another generation.

6) Planned Parenthood is all about women’s reproductive health, and not at all about aborting unwanted minority children.

7) When debating, if you can scoff at the other person, you’ve won.

8) Only government can fix big things. (OK, not the VA or Army, but other parts of the government. OK, not HUD or the Education Dept. but the other parts of the government.  The well run parts.)

9) Central planning by the government could eliminate lots of problems.

10) The black family is always better off when Washington, D. C. urban policies are put into action by local bureaucrats.

11) We would have world peace if people disarmed and offered total love.  Let’s start with the Western countries. The rest of the world will catch up.

12) Only progressives want things like world peace, clean environment, smarter children, safer places to live, kindness, tolerance, respect…

As I said to Bill:

Show me your “Coexist” or “Imagine Peace” bumper sticker. Progressives are FOR everything that all people want. Peace, Love, Clean Air and water… They just have no clue how to make it, so they posture.

Camille Paglia says it best here: (h/t Ace)

Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!  Liberalism has sadly become a knee-jerk ideology, with people barricaded in their comfortable little cells. They think that their views are the only rational ones, and everyone else is not only evil but financed by the Koch brothers.  It’s so simplistic!

I did say that “at least Stalin knew he was evil.”  Today’s progressives have all the information they need to see that that their policies are not working.  But they deny the failures, and offer more.  In fact, the progressives of yesteryear should be first in line to correct the excesses of today.

Their silence — in the face of the failure of their policies — is evil.  At least Stalin knew he was a bad guy.  These dunderheads figure they’re doing good.

On a truly unrelated subject, was Bill correct to say that conservatives are led by the media?  If we were, why don’t we endorse Obamacare, the Iran deal and late-term abortions for organs?

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3 Responses to Are Progressives Evil? Did I Say That?

  1. D. Edgren says:

    Add higher education to the list of things that should be free. Or prog students should be able to borrow all the money they need to pay for their education, then not have to pay it back. Anyone who has ever paid off a student loan (I did, twice- once for my first wife and then the second time for my law and grad school degrees) should want to punch any jerk out who would give voice to such entitled BS. Makes me sick.

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  2. Of course progressive are evil The life of a lion engenders more outrage than the slaughter and sale of the most helpless and innocent of humans the unborn.

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  3. Rob Crawford says:

    When your rhetoric is distinguishable from Nazis only by the subject, you’re evil.

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