Hitler Had It Harder


Dachau. This time, the Jews have self-concentrated.

Imagine the complexity of the Final Solution.  Rounding up all those Jews, not just in Germany but in all of occupied Europe.  Sure, last names helped.  Rolls at Synagogues came in handy.  The Gentile population pointed out others.  Eventually the killing increased to the point that using bullets was not cost effective, and mass graves were inefficient.

I’m sure someone, somewhere wished the Jews could be concentrated in one area, and killed more efficiently.


Roger L. Simon believes the Iran nuclear deal will lead to that country owning a plutonium bomb.  I’m pretty sure they’ll use it.  Either to bully their neighbors or to destroy Israel.

We have given Iran a  pathway to a plutonium bomb while entirely gutting any possible inspections regime. We did this by abandoning the promised anytime/anywhere inspections for some bureaucratic mishmash that will take anywhere from 24 days to a year (depending on whom you ask) and by collapsing on the so-called PMDs (possible military dimensions) of Iran’s previous nuclear program, so there is no way to prove what is new and what is not in the first place.  And to top it off, we have given the Iranians a signing bonus of 150 billion that, no doubt, will be used to finance either the Tehran branch of the Little Sisters of the Poor or another skillion mid-range missiles for Hezbollah.  You decide.

— snip —

I received email from a blogger I respect with information he received that alleges one of the secret letters is far more disturbing than anything disclosed so far. This document pledges to Iran that should Israel attack her nuclear facilities, the UN and the U.S. will defend Iran against Israel.

Do I believe this?  All I can say is I wish I didn’t.  If it’s true, my world will have changed yet again. Given everything that has happened, the way this deal has been set, it’s hard to disbelieve it.

Mike Huckabee has made waves saying the same thing.

From Yahoo News:  

[Presidential Candidate Mike] Huckabee’s rhetoric – comparing President Obama and his policies to Nazi Germany and bringing up the specter of the Holocaust, the Nazi genocide that killed about 6 million Jews – is surprisingly common among anti-Obama partisans. 

You know, sometimes the worst case scenario is the actual future.  Maybe putting all those Jews in one spot was a bad idea.

Updated 7/28/15: (Added Dachau picture.  Changed formatting. added links below.)

Bob Belvedere has more.  Ace has more.  Hell.  Everybody with a brain in their head should have more.  This can’t stand.

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2 Responses to Hitler Had It Harder

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    This is regrettably accurate analysis Dave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bobbelvedere says:

    -Thank you.
    -We’re screwed, it seems.


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