Why I Write About People Who Sue People for Writing

Why write about Shutuppery?  Why engage people in debate, or report responsibly on their activities, especiallyif they have a habit of suing people?

The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the knowledge that when someone tries to shut you up, they are already the loser.  They have already ceded the moral high ground, and have adopted the tactic of the censor.

Bill Schmalfeldt tells us he is being harassed, not because he actually is, but because he has lost an argument.  We say he’s terrible, based upon his writings and actions.  He says he recently had a sterling reputation, and that he is actually a good person.  We say “Yuck.  I just threw up in my mouth.”  See this excellent piece by Ken White of Popehat.  Read this from The Other McCain.  The full body of John Hoge’s Schmalfeldt material is here.

Oh sure, there are unkind words and even pictures of Bill’s wife on the internet.  He has a point: Rude is rude.  On the other hand, Bill has had to go out of his way to see this stuff, even visiting websites where he knows there is offensive material.

But Bill has given much more rudeness than he’s gotten.  And especially important, Bill has involved non-combatants.  People who knew nothing of Bill Schmalfeldt, woke up some morning to find that Bill had contacted their employer.  I know of a disabled man who was the subject of a Billdox.  I know of another person whose father was accused of sexual abuse.  This sort of activity is long term, perhaps as long as a decade.

In other words, we did not make Bill mean, he was that way long before we knew him.  His meanness is not a reaction, it is his default.

Occasionally people new to the situation see a moral (or immoral) equivalence between Bill and his critics.  Bill’s nasty, and some of the Zombies and Lickspittles are tough.  If you’re new to this issue, it might seem that a bunch of cranky people are arguing on the internet.  Here’s where we differ from Bill: The Lickspittles and Zombies only want to write freely, without lawsuits or other legal interference.  John Hoge would really like Bill to never again contact him.  Bill wants to pretend that quoting him, or commenting on him is a crime or a civil tort.  He’s wrong.

Bill Schmalfeldt 1

Click for an Amazon link to books by the very public person Bill Schmalfeldt, who can’t have it both ways. Yuck. That came out wrong.

Bill Schmalfeldt will not be able to shut me up.  As an internet comedian, author and self-styled investigative journalist, Bill Schmalfeldt has put himself front and center.  Sometimes he puts himself rear and center, so don’t bend over.  You can’t on the one hand spend decades trying to become well known, and then shrink like a violet when others criticize you.

The purpose of this blog is to honestly and professionally document efforts to force others to shut up.  Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuits have only made them more newsworthy.  Expect more, not less on the internet about these two.

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26 Responses to Why I Write About People Who Sue People for Writing

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    I don’t understand you, David. You said yo wanted out of this. I’m not suing people because they wrote things I didn’t like. That is a very simple-minded approach to this. I’m suing people for writing defamatory, untrue things. I’m suing people for invading my privacy by casting me in a false light. I’m suing people for intentionally inflicting emotional distress. To read the stuff you write, one would get the impression that BK and I speak every day. Not true. You know what I do most of the day now, Dave? I look for things online to try to fill the emptiness that you fools seem to find so hilarious. You don’t know me. You don’t know the first thing about me, other than what you’ve been told. What am I doing that you find “evil”? Fighting back against the people attacking me?

    I’m not interested in shutting you or anyone else “up.” I do have the right — and I insist on it — that what you write be verifiable and true. Is that too high a bar for you? I would like nothing better than to go through ONE DAY without getting a Google Alert telling me that some other knownothing has written another lying screed about me. I know it makes no difference, but I am a human being. And how would you react if, God Forbid, your spouse should take sick and die, leaving you alone in the world and have to see every day how JOLLY your spouse’s death seems to make everyone?

    I know as well as I know my middle name that I could take a sledge hammer to this old iMac, and for months you people would be making up new shit about me, declaring it true, adding it to the official doctrine. So I guess I’m stupid for believing that people should tell the truth if they’re going to talk about me.

    I am neither Stupid nor Evil. What I am is heartbroken, lonely and angry at the world right now. And it’s a mistake for people to poke a wounded animal.

    I believe I apologized to you once before. In case I did not, or if it didn’t take, let me do it again. You were not doxxed in the legal sense of the word, as I did not post any non-publicly available information about you. About ANYONE for that matter. But that doesn’t flow with the “doctrine” so it is ignored.

    Do what you gotta do, Dave. Make yourself believe I deserve whatever hell you people choose to heap on me.

    I’ll do what I gotta do.


    • Tino in W.Virginia says:

      It’s true, I only know what I’ve been told about Bill Schmalfeldt. The one that told me is Bill Schmalfeldt. Everyone else just told me what they thought. You know, opinions. The one that told me about rolling around and sniffing a little green turd? Bill. The one that declared he had apologized to the Stranahans, while making the same baseless accusations? Bill, again.

      So, yeah, you want to punish somebody for making you feel bad? Start with that Bill guy, he’s the sourceof all your troubles.

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    • Monkeytoe says:


      If someone is posting anonymously, even if YOU can find info about who they are – if you publish that info “outing” them – that is considered doxxing.

      Your technical rationalization of “what I do isn’t doxxing” is nonsense and you know it. when you call someone’s employer, you are “doxxing” them. When you post their real name, you are doxxing them.

      At least admit what you do. Don’t lie about it with this silly “legally, what I do isn’t doxxing”. that’s nonsense.

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  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    Bill you are so full of shit.
    You constantly say we only know “what you’ve been told about me”. Has it never occurred to you that ALL of us have at one time or another read your OWN freaking words going back years??

    And yes you are suing because you didn’t like what other people said and you know it.
    Since you claim people are writing “defamatory untrue things” about you, how about you point some of that out?
    What most of us see are people reacting to the things you’ve said, using the things you said to do it.
    Invading your privacy?? YOU put everything out there that has been commented/mocked/parodied, YOU did it, no one had to go looking for it.
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?? Stop going to blogs where the people don’t like you, then you won’t have to see/read anything they say about you.
    Stop thinking that negative comments about you = attacks against you.
    Stop trying to control other people’s behaviour by (laughable) intimidation and threats of being added to yet another FAILsuit.
    Realize that your seeking out and reading people’s comments on blogs you do NOT have to go to is NOT other people harassing you.
    and STOP using your dead wife as a prop to continue attacking people who ARE leaving you alone,
    But we all know that isn’t going to happen until you assume room temp. (OH NOOES DEATH THREAT !!11!!ELEVENTY!!!-not)

    Get over yourself Stinky and GFY while you are at it.

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  3. Bill should also remember that last year we went dark and nearly all of us “Lickspittles” didn’t talk about him at all online for a week. We only came back after he had a meltdown of some sort and started attacking people who had not mentioned him for days . He started this whole thing by attacking Hoge for a throwaway line. Then he attacked Grady for something innocuous. And you know it has to be pretty benign since Bill won’t tell anyone what Grady wrote. And then when people came to the support of their friends, they too were attacked.

    I’ve read Bill’s “satire”. I’ve read his blog posts and comments. I don’t have to have anyone tell me about him; his extortionate emails were more than enough. I think he’s beginning to realize that he’s screwed the pooch and he may not be able to use the poor – me card this time.

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  4. Kyle Kiernan says:

    The Schmalfeldtian Goalposts:
    -I didn’t say it
    -show me where I said it
    -Prove I said it
    -Verifiably prove that I said it
    -I never called his employer, I may have emailed his employer
    -I never talked to BK
    -Show me the proof of where I said that.
    -I apologized for saying that
    -I never doxxed her.
    -I never technically doxxed her
    -I didn’t dox her, it was someone else with the same name
    -no one was harmed by my doxing
    -no one was permanently harmed by my doxing
    -people are lying about me
    -people are defaming me
    -everything said about me must be provably verifiable true
    -these Google Alerts keep ringing in my brain pelting me with lies about me
    -you must moderate your comments
    -I must be allowed to comment on your pages
    -how come nobody comments on my pages or Twitter?
    -I am a world published media figure
    -I am a private citizen
    -I am a Parkinson’s sufferer
    -I am a recent widower
    -I am a former federal employee and know people who can deal with you
    -I am the last guy standing in the barfight
    -I don’t roll my poop, green lumps that come out are thoroughly rolled because obviously they are poop

    All the Schmalfeldtian Goalposts are fully motorized so they can moved at will. This list is by no means comprehensive. Feel free to add to it as more species of goal post are identified.

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  5. Monkeytoe says:


    also, I read what your wrote about the Stranahans. None of that was verified by you before writing it. None of it was true. How do you square that circle?

    As far as lawsuits go, you are free to bring them. Your lack of success to date should begin to instruct you, however, that your definition of defamation and the legal definition of defamation are not the same thing. What you call defamation others (and the law) call opinion.

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  6. Monkeytoe says:


    Without hopefully being too egotistical, I assume this post was written to some degree in response to my comments at Billysez.

    My question is – where does it end? the lickspittles have written about Schmalfeldt for years now. they’ve stood up to the bully. they’ve shown they won’t back down. At what point does it just become being mean to someone for the sake of being mean to someone?

    It’s not like Schmalfeldt has the power to shut you up (if he ever did). And you’ve prove it. Over and over and over again.

    You can rationalize it all you want, at some point you and the commenters are doing this for no other reason than you like to upset and get a rise out of Schmalfeldt. Do two wrongs make a right?

    And – before everyone piles on – I’m not arguing that Schmalfeldt is a good person, or that the two sides are exactly equal, or whatever else you want to read into what I said.

    Let me put it as a hypothetical. there is a neighborhood bully – we’ll call him Frank. For a few years, Frank bullies all the other kids. He is mean and nasty. then, one day, one of the kids (we’ll call him Stan) says “enough” and turns around stands up to Frank. And fights Frank. and beats Frank. Then, from that day forward, for years afterward, all the neighborhood kids follow Frank around and call him names and try to get him to fight Stan again. And cheer Stan if Stan fights him again.

    After a few years of this, are the neighborhood kids still the good guys?


    • So, the neighborhood kids are supposed just hang around with Stan and ignore Frank when he trips them up or puts gum in their lockers or whatever. And eventually, maybe Frank gives up on them, and just starts abusing the kids a block over. And then one of the new kids turns out to be psychologically fragile and hangs himself. But yeah, refusing to work to get the authorities to hold Frank responsible for his bad actions was a great plan.


    • “It’s not like Schmalfeldt has the power to shut you up (if he ever did). And you’ve prove it.”

      Yes, for now. Lawsuits have shut down discussion of Brett Kimberlin on a number of sites, including Ace of SpadesHQ. The lawsuits are exactly designed to shut down discussion. Your premise that since Schmalfeldt hasn’t been successful, then there’s no danger is very flawed. I’m not writing to get a rise out of Bill Schmalfeldt, but to let Bill know that he must come up with a better and more effective strategy. I’ve pointed out the need for a change in tactics before here.
      As for Frank, he’s still giving kids wedgies and beating them up. You see, Bill still has lawsuits underway, and still threatens others.

      And by the way, my article was not in response to anything you said.

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    • evilwillie00 says:

      Why do you seem so concerned with the end game of this situation? You don’t appear to have any direct involvement in any aspect of this matter, but you are concerned with its end game? You haven’t been chased down by Bill, where he calls people’s homes, employers, local law enforcement and local media. You haven’t had to seek a protective order to try to gain some type of relief from the constant attacks. If the activities surrounding Team Lickspittle and Bill Schmalfeldt concern you, then stop reading these blogs. Simple.

      If your knowledge of the Schmalfeldt situation is from these blogs and comment sections, you don’t know half of what is going on. A lot of his victims like to stay silent in public forums regarding his harassment, fearing its their reactions and responses that he ultimately seeks. Bill’s chickens are finally coming home to roost and most of his harassment should be wrapped up within the next 12 – 18 months.

      There are a couple of Lickspittle Heavy Hitters who think you are Bunny Boy or affiliated with Team Kimberlin here to troll and stir up shit. Personally, I have no idea who you are or what motivates you to engage here. If your motivation is honestly seeking information on what, when and how this bullshit ends, good for you. I applaud you for your interest in peace. But the people still engaged in this fight have attempted peace offerings multiple times, only to have them thrown back into our faces. Your concern is noted, but we are moving toward a more lasting peace that involves several more battles before the war is won.

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  7. agiledog says:

    My question is – where does it end?

    When Bill apologizes for scaring my wife, when he drops his lawsuit (with prejudice) against me and others over expressing an opinion, and when he STFU.

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  8. JeffM says:

    LG is correct. People left Witless Willie alone when he left others alone. I for one suggested that Willie be left to stew in his own fetid juices when he his wife died: he responded with reiterating his claims that a specific woman was a whore.

    In terms of those who are engaged in legal efforts to suppress others’ freedom of speech, Willie is quite active and comically ineffective. That combination makes him a highly suitable exemplar of the left’s intolerance of any speech except that which pleases them. I don’t like so and so’s joke among friends: let’s get her fired from her job.

    I am certainly not going to stop mocking Willie so long as he is pursuing his absurd lawsuits or threatening them. Indeed I see no reason to stop mocking him so long as he persists in communicating to people who have told him to cease and desist. His concerns that people stop communicating about him while he publicly flaunts himself are also mockworthy. He has thrust himself into a dispute of public significance in which several people have engaged in various immoral (and in some cases almost certainly illegal) acts against others whose social and political views they disagree with.

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  9. Pablo says:

    Who doesn’t love playing Whack-A-Troll?


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