The Adventures of Lester Klemper, Private Dick

Presented with apologies to Johnny Atsign:

Music: Slow jazz saxaphone.

Anncr: These are the files of Lester Klemper, Private Dick.  In his youth, he prowled the mean streets, the back alleys and the smokey bars of Anytown, USA.  These days, he takes on the lowlifes of the internet.

Lester: I had my feet up on my desk, letting the smoke from a Chesterfield float up to the churning fan blades.  A streetlight outside my window pushed shadows on my desk. They read:  Lester Klemper, Private Dick.  Well, better than being a public one, I mused for the millionth time.  I chuckled.  Then she walked in.

SFX: Opening door, and stilleto footsteps on hardwood.

Music: Saxaphone up.

Klemper: She was a Rubinesque blonde, all curves and lipstick.  I could tell she wanted me, and I knew I wanted her.  But what nefarious scheme would she weave?  Is she a shill for my nemesis, Paul Chrysler?  Would she — like the other dames in my life — break my heart?   And why was she playing a saxaphone?  Hmm.

Klemper: What do you need dollface?

Domino’s Girl: Um, well that’s 14.50 for the large meatlover’s, and three for the delivery charge.

Klemper: Moments later I was lost in my thoughts, and grabbing my second slice, when my computer screamed to life.

AOL: You’ve got mail!

Klemper: It was the boss, Brett Speedway.  He noticed some of his internet critics have gotten out of hand, and could I run interference?  Why I have a plan that just might work!

Music: Stinger!

Announcer: While evil Lester Klemper wipes his pizza stained fingers off on a defenseless keyboard, across town another terabyte of pixels were arriving at the back gate of stately Hooge Manor.  Wealthy Quantum magnate WJJ Hooge was enjoying a steaming cup of Kona coffee from a Hoogewash coffee mug.  Order one today at Hoogewash dot com.

Hooge: Why what’s this? I’m being sued!

Anncr: It was Klemper’s Tweet which announced the news.  Klemper was suing the entire gang down at Hoogewash, including Zombie Boy, Uncle Roy Klemper, Morticia, Wasilla David and Howard-Earl.  Klemper sued three members of the Dave Clark 5, two members of the Jackson Five, every damned Osmond and the other guy from Wham.

SFX: Frantic typing.

Anncr: Using his 30 years of investigative experience,  including several with NIH, Lester had identified Zombie Boy as G. Gordon Liddy, Wasilla David as F. Murray Abraham, and Howard Earl as the mysterious Russian named “Uncle” Roysay Buggeroff.  In all he was suing three retired lawyers, two psychiatrists, a guy working at the NSA and a Mafia hitman.  Over a twelve hour period, working without sleep, Klemper wrote up a lawsuit.

SFX: Ringing phone, picked up.

Klemper: Lester Klemper, pro se dick…I mean private…

Speedway: You idiot! You forgot Hooge!  We must include Hooge, or it’s all a waste of time!

Music: Closing theme.

Anncr: On next weeks’s exciting Lester Klemper, Private Dick,  we find out why Speedway was so short on the phone….and…Lester expands his lawfare to include his the head of the Capistroni Crime Family and Chuck Norris. Lester Klemper, Private Dick is a work of fiction, brought to you by Chesterfield Cigarettes…the cool smoke which provides satisfaction and focus.  Now with 1/3rd less benzine.

Music: Theme up and out.

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22 Responses to The Adventures of Lester Klemper, Private Dick

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  2. That latin f*cker says:

    Ah, yes, brought back great memories of listening to Firesign Theatre albums in smoky (ahem) rooms during the 70’s. Very nicely done.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Ashterah says:

    Bravo! More!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Wild Applause!!**


  5. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    And here I thought you wanted out of this thing, Dave. Pity that. This was not necessary as I don’t think I’ve been anything less than respectful to you as of late. But you wanna stir the shit pot, I guess there’s no stopping you. If you wanna break out the ukulele, I’ll break out the string bass and we can jam.


    • MJ says:

      For a fat guy, you sure have really thin skin.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Pinwheel says:

      Yeah, Dave. Don’t you know the only one who gets to stir the shit pot is the BIG BM? Forcing Bill to read this keeps him from important business, like rebranding his web presence or insulting people on Twitter/other blogs that aren’t his own.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        Nice straw man, Pinhead. What pot and I stirring. What business of yours is the rebranding of my web presence. And I only insult people who insult me first. Actually read,

        Now, I am done arguing with mental midgets.


  6. Avenger Watcher says:

    Dominoes doesn’t have the Meatlovers.

    That’s Pizza Hut.

    Dominos has the MeatZZa.

    Totally ruined the story for me. TOTALLY.

    I could only laugh through the tears.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Team Kimberline SockPuppet - says:


    • slp says:

      Google this and the trail leads directly to BILL!!!!!!


      • I have removed an insulting picture of John Hoge, as I fear it may be a copyright issue. I do not want Bill Schmalfeldt complaining that a picture which he has on his soundcloud account ended up here.

        I have also changed the name of a commenter who posted the picture, and have revealed his email address. Bill, he’s the one you can complain to about “your” picture of John. — Dave

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  8. Stogie says:

    I loved that bit about the saxophone! Very well written, sounds just like a detective story of old.


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