Trust No One — Sea World Sends Undercover Agent to Pretend He’s an Environmental Activist

Not the other way around.  

Do NOT run out of fish.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has identified a man that it says was a SeaWorld employee who took part in the group’s activities under the name of Thomas Jones. They say that he is actually Paul McComb, 28, who has held various jobs for SeaWorld including work as a human resources
representative. SeaWorld has now put McComb on paid administrative leave pending findings of the investigation.

He used social media to probe others for information about their activities.  I’ll bet if we gave him an IQ test, we could show that he has lost a few points after hanging around with the PETA folks.

The timing could not be worse for SeaWorld. People are increasingly agreeing with critics that it is cruel to keep killer whales and other animals in these closed areas for entertainment. (For the record, I served as counsel in a case challenging the effort of aquariums to acquire whales for display). Attendance is down and companies like Southwest Airlines Co. have ended marketing relationships.

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2 Responses to Trust No One — Sea World Sends Undercover Agent to Pretend He’s an Environmental Activist

  1. Avenger Watcher says:

    I was waiting a topical punchline…

    Then I realized he’d only be able to infiltrate the other way – into Sea World.

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  2. That’s why he never goes to the beach. Well-meaning folks keep pushing him back in the water when he tries to go home.


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