Stupid and Crazy — I May Have Hit On a Crazy Stupid Idea

I’ll take crazy over stupid any day. — Joss Whedon
Embrace the power of “and.” — Paul  Krendler

In theory, doing the same thing over and over again is crazy, like a repeating decimal.  Ten divided by three has an answer, I’m told, but it involves infinite digits, and my calculator only goes up and down so far. — Dave Alexander

No, it’s not a trap. It’s just an opportunity for Master Skywalker and his father to bond.

This is a short post, since real life has been a lot of fun this weekend.  I have figured out sme things: Bill Schmalfeldt won’t change, and the Lickspittles and Zombies (two excellent hair bands, but don’t bother with their later albums) are not going to change either.
As I said in previous posts, you can only change your own behavior, so I’m changing mine:
In the future I will encourage Bill Schmalfeldt to post here — not just comment, but post.   If he agrees, he can send me stuff at dgalexander1963 (at) gmail DOT com.   I’ll look it over and post as long as it meets standards which are pretty simple: No name calling. No poo-poo stuff.
So, now I have to be fair, and say that any comments TO Bill, must also meet these standards.

Yeah.  This seems like a pile of mess, and I’m wading into it with both feet.  Why?
Because what we have now, doesn’t work.  The Lickpittles and Zombies can’t actually visit Bill’s pages for fear of malware and viruses.  Bill says that there are no viruses.  But of course, lots of people don’t trust Bill, so there’s that.
If anybody sees any virus here, let me know.  I wash my hands often, use Purell, and avoid contact with mucous membranes (who opened for “The Troggs in 1967.)

The Troggs: “Always be caeful to dress well on picture day”

Oh, one more thing.  I never delete.  Anything here better be pretty well thought out from the lawsuit perspective.  That goes for everybody.  I think I’m on solid ground on saying you are responsible for your own stuff.  I’m not driving you to he courthouse because of something you said here.  I’m talking to you Krendler.  I’d have to find you first, anyway.
Have fun.
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228 Responses to Stupid and Crazy — I May Have Hit On a Crazy Stupid Idea

  1. Tao says:

    Too many years ago, I learned that one never “wins” a war; the “winner” is just the entity that loses the least. In the years that I have followed this particular conflict, my interest has been piqued by the amount of ‘thuggery’ involved as well as by the need or, more appropriately, compulsion to dominate.

    One of the actors in this imbroglio has recently suggested that he has been given the mantle of a professional wrestler in the terms of being the “heavy” or bad guy. A look at one of the pictures he circulated of himself on the internet suggests just that; a Mexican-style “heavy” wrestler. It has since been adopted by someone else as their personal avatar.

    “I mean, I don’t believe obtaining a PO is worthwhile in this case. the outrage!! I also think the Maryland statute may be unconstitutional to an extent. Again – the outrage!!”

    I would suggest that those poor unfortunates that have been subjected to a withering 175 mm artillery or counter battery barrage may be, at the least, as ‘outraged’ as in your example, if not more! Anyone who has been the target of a certain so-called investigative reporter (with no bona fides) is, in all likelihood, at least as outraged as you.

    In my personal opinion, you have walked into the beginning moments of a literal version of the “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and the best advice I could give to someone who finds him or herself ‘outraged’ is to find cover ASAP. In my opinion, this drama will only end with one side standing. It will be the side who practices the law skillfully, not irrationally. In the end, one side will be ‘outraged’ and the other side will have peace, but only temporarily. The one who will lose will go on until he is institutionalized for the protection not only to himself, but to society in general. Such is the nature of some conflicts. It is a sad commentary indeed.

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