I’m Beginning to Think Less Communication Would Be Better

Apparently, no.  We can’t get along.

Bill Schmalfeldt sent a letter to Aaron Walker asking for a pause in hostilities:

My wife is onFeatured image her way to the hospital in an ambulance right now. Might you pass the word among your friends that a moratorium might be called for out of respect for human life? They can pick up where they left off when she dies.

Thank you.

Bill Schmalfeldt

Here is a link to the letter, and apparently Aaron’s response.  It’s a safe link to the Wayback Machine.

I have been nothing but honorable toward everyone, especially your family and Brett’s.  And you have never treated us the same.  Attacking wives are off limits?  Yes, they are, but when the fuck have you ever honored that principle?  You participated in the stalking of my wife.  You have made racist comments about her.  You tried to put Mrs. Stranahan in fear that she would be raped.  You attacked her for suffering the mindfuck of gaining one child and losing another in the same day.  And we all know you are responsible for the vile comments directed at John’s wife.  And you publicly insinuated that John broke her back when he first mentioned her situation.  When in your years of dealing with me and my friends have you ever said, “sure, I disagree with him, but that is over the line?”  Never. 

Aaron’s complete response is here.

As you might remember, last week there were brief moments of conciliatory talk from Schmalfeldt:

That is fair enough, Dave. And I apologize for going nuclear on you. When you’ve been subjected to as much “horse shit” as I have been, you get a little testy.

Of course, he went on.

Now, with people like “Grace” calling me hypocritical and evil for daring to offer prayers to “Krendler’s” family — all the while sporting an avatar that shows my wife as a corpse — I think you can see that we’ve clearly gone through the looking glass here.

This did not sit well with Pablo:

More bullshit. It’s what you ALWAYS do and you’ve been doing it for years. You’re a bully, and that’s all you are. Now you’ve run into people who will push you right back, and you want to be a victim.

Nope. Not happening. You want to be left alone? Leave the field. Go home and don’t come back.

It’s not worth redoing the nastiness that followed.  There was at least one individual describing the act of reaching down a throat to eventually pull an individual’s body inside out.  We had a short discussion of the differences between anus and colon, which was delightful.  In short, nothing good happened.

Bill should not have contacted Aaron, especially since Aaron has not contributed to the online nastiness NEARLY as much as some folks.  (You know who you are!)  I didn’t get a letter like this.

If anybody knows who else did get a letter, please let me know.  As much as Bill’s letter reads like a peace request, this is very similar to the letter to Hoge about Mrs Hoge’s health: Nobody believed it was genuine.  I didn’t think it was genuine.  Of course a judge disagreed.  Stupid judge.

In general, the Lickspittles can be counted on to state the obvious about Bill: He shares too much, and should not be writing about his wife heading to the hospital.  Get in a cab and get off the internet!

I only ask that everyone consider John Hoge’s position that families should be “out of it.”  Yes, Bill Schmalfeldt has not held to that standard, but “He did it first…” was always a poor excuse.

(I used the icon that Bill Schmalfeldt uses in Gravatar in this post.  If Bill requests it taken down, I’ll honor the request.  As we all know, pictures and images are a sore spot.  A meaner man would have used the salt creature from Star Trek.)

Quick Update with a great perspective from BillySez:

We are not inclined to remain completely silent in light of this information about Gail Schmalfeldt, as we believe that Bill has used her as both a tool and a weapon in the past, much as he invariably hides behind his Parkinson’s Disease when someone calls him on something serious enough. On the other hand, we do not want to inflict gratuitous pain on anyone (as opposed to well-deserved pain, which we try to dish out all the time). 

On the other hand, if Bill’s new Tumblr account and his blogs and podcasts continue to be filled with the same old bile, threats and general vituperation, he can be assured that we will take that as a sign that Gail Schmalfeldt’s circumstances are not so serious as to require his complete attention- he has my word on that, too.

OK.  So, no gratuitous pain.  Remember.  We wear the white hats.

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1 Response to I’m Beginning to Think Less Communication Would Be Better

  1. Techno Jinxx says:

    Bullys always want their victims to just lay down and take it, Shakey’s problem is he keeps attacking those who won’t.

    Liked by 2 people

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