Heckler’s Veto and Islam — With a Sharia Update Below

This article says a lot about our relationship between Muslims, free expression and fear.  DC Metro will not allow any issue ads because it’s clear that offending Muslims would be dangerous. Da Tech Guy explains:

What does that tell us?  Since no other ad has caused this kind of reaction we must conclude that in the Metro’s opinion  Muslims are so violent, so savage, so barbaric that the risk of a murderous response by members of the Religion of Peace™  exceeds the risk of offending any other group in the Metro’s history.

This is the heckler’s veto in practice.  Personally, I think Muslim’s would be better off if folks gave them credit for not being violent thugs.  Of course that would be a dangerous dance.

It seems the Phoenix Mosque involved in the protest actually preaches peace.

The Phoenix mosque targeted on Friday has condemned such violence and held a series of sermons at Friday prayers last year by an imam who criticized militant Islamist groups such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

That’s a good sign, but too many Mosques worldwide call for violence, and it is really difficult to see a good ending for this.

Update 6/4/15: This video shows that some American Muslims would rather live under Sharia Law.  Well.  Plenty of places for that nowadays.

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2 Responses to Heckler’s Veto and Islam — With a Sharia Update Below

  1. D. Edgren says:

    Shutuppery on a governmental scale. There’s First Amendment problems here. Unpopular speech. Government action. It’ll be interesting in the inevitable legal proceedings to see if the government’s public safety argument trumps the right to speak freely. If the public safety argument prevails, Islam will have been determined by the courts to present a legitimate deadly threat. Hmmmmm.


  2. Rob Crawford says:

    “It seems the Phoenix Mosque involved in the protest actually preaches peace.”

    Nope. They preach Islam, which is incompatible with peace.

    Plus, it was protested because it’s already produced two (or more — can’t recall precisely, but seem to recall others) would-be murderers in the name of Allah. That doesn’t happen if you’re convincingly preaching peace.


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