The Presence of God Was the Furthest Thing…


Andy Stanley nails it!  Fast forward to 12:00 into this tape — or enjoy his message from the beginning.  I’ll wait.


When you doubt that God exists, or you want God NOT to exist, you’re on the wrong road.  Remember: Your heavenly Father loves you.  I don’t get all the nuances of my faith, but the big stuff I get.  Andy Stanley reminds us that God is present.

A few years ago I was unemployed, and facing a very hard financial situation.  Unemployment was denied, and bills were still coming in.  And it was my fault.  Mine alone.  I can blame some things on others – and I didn’t “deserve” to be unemployed, but it was my fault.

Three kids.  Mortgage.  Late 40’s.  I had to trust that God would answer my prayers some way.  Not my way, but some way.

I got a job offer, and went for the background and psych testing for the job.  It was a stressful type of job.  Later, they rescinded the offer.  By this time, I had stopped looking for work.  So I was really stuck.

Long story short (too late) and I started to call and write to find out how the job offer was rescinded.  It turned out that someone checked No instead of Yes on a form.  The question on the form was “Is there any reason why Dave shouldn’t be hired for this job?”  Answer: No.  It took a lot to get an administrator to fix this situation.  I got hired.  Also I got an apology. 

In reality, I know God challenged me,  It was a really small challenge compared to John the Baptizer or Job, Lazarus’s family or even you reading this.  But just as Andy Stanley tells it, God is not absent.  He’s not absent in your life, and if He’s been pushed to the side of your mind, He still is not absent,  Even if He is the furthest thing from your mind.   



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