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If Books Were Like the Intertubes

Every page would have the same graphics and links to the left and right of the new content.  The links would include new writing by the author, which you might be interested it, but there would be a lot of … Continue reading

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Change : The Magazine of Learning

But they are Still Being Taught to Teachers

Learning styles were a big thing at my grad. school.  It seemed like every class required an adherence to the theory that each student had an individual style of learning, and that if teachers could match their style of teaching to the student, then kids would learn more.

Guess what?  Nobody really bothered to test ot the theory.

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Tesla According to The Genius at The Oatmeal

 We Gotta Have a Party!

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Alexander’s Laws of the Universe’s_law Godwin’s Law and the Streisand Effect are new laws of the Universe.  In that spirit, I offer two new Laws of the Universe: Alexander’s Law of Repetitive Motion: If a large number of people participate in an activity, … Continue reading

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Dangerous Minds:Are Profilers Dangerous?

I love watching cop shows, but Dangerous Minds just annoys me. (Except the Character Reid.  He annoys the others, and I like that.)

Profiling, like a lot of new pseudosciences, might just be as trustworthy as phrenology or spirit photography. Police were examining the shapes of criminal’s skulls a century ago.  Are profilers any better?

And don’t get me started on “Special Agent Obvious.”

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Things I Know Because I Saw Them in a Movie

You can outrun an exploding ball of fire.  This is possible because fire moves in slow motion.  In the final moment before the flames reach you, remember to throw your arms upward and jump onto your belly.  This will put … Continue reading

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Why Ukulele?

Why Not? A couple of Christmases ago, I got up in front of my church and played ukulele and sang Silent Night.  The uke is perfectly suited for that song, since it has such a sweet, light sound.  I have … Continue reading

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