Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar.

 If every time I saw a priest with a cross I immediately thought of vampire hunters, it would be strange.  But if I actually thought the priest was a vampire hunter, then that would be dumb.  Things which remind you of other things are often unrelated.

 I still occasionally see commentators on the left say things like,” This harkens back to the days of…” or “This reminds me of…”  That’s just plain dumb thinking.

  • Not every investigation is a witch hunt. 
  • Sometimes a loop of rope is not really a noose. 
  • Not every southern preacher is Jerry Falwell, though your inexperience with southern preachers might make you think that way. 
  • If I wear a toga to a party and it reminds you of the Klan, you’re the one with the problem, not me.
  • The words “niggardly” and “niggling” don’t actually have anything to do with African-Americans.  I wouldn’t use those words (except as an example of the Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities) just because they sound too close to something else, but if someone does, they are not being racist. 
  • If you use the word “cracker” to indicate a baked treat, I won’t feel offended. 
  • If the Boy Scouts of America  reminds you of the Hitler youth, you have to rethink your mindset. 
  • A well dressed, pretty conservative woman is NOT a brainwashed Stepford wife, even if they remind you of the movie. 

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In both of the above cases,  someone looked at a group of kids singing about things they believe in, and immediatly thought “Hitler Youth.”  One group of Obama fans, and another group of kids at a so-called “Jesus Camp.”   I didn’t view the videos, because I only care about the reaction to the videos.  This shows the intersection Godwin’s Law and Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities.

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