Non Sequiturs

Random thoughts which are connected to nothing except my brain:

I was once a member of a Christian singing group called “The Abstinence Quartet.”  We added two extra singers, and had to disband.

I really didn’t know that “disband” would end up being a play on words there.

A typical Conversation at home:

  • My wife: I’m cold.  
  • Me: Honey, you’re  not cold.  You can be distant at times, and a bit hypercritical.  But I wouldn’t call you cold.   
  • My wife: You’re an idiot.  Get me a blanket.  

Somewhere in Qatar, there is a bowling alley. I hope it’s called the Qatar Lanes.  Unless it’s supposed to be pronounced the other way, in which case put a joke here about Qatar Hero.

Yemen has an active cricket league.  That’s nice.  I like Yemeni Cricket.

My daughter and I once did a school report on the Island Nation of Zambon.  It’s where ice maintenance equipment is constructed.  She included a salt map and a drawing of the Zamboni flag.  She got an A. 

Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC has the single creepiest voice of any human being.

When I die, I want an open casket.  From the waist down.  Keith Morrison can do the eulogy. 

Nobody ever died doing what they loved.   People sometimes die when they screw up doing something they love.  

If Ted Kennedy had just been in the bathroom with Whitney Houston, she’d be alive today.  Oh.  Yeah.  Nevermind.  


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